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10 Trend-Proof Furniture Pieces Currently Missing From Your Home

rends are a big part of the conversation when we’re talking home design and style, but there’s more to this industry than what’s in or out for the season. There are certain pieces that have stood the test of time and continue to be fixtures in interiors. Whether they’ve been around for decades or even […]

How to Select the Perfect Dining Room Table

A dining table is an important piece of furniture which you can buy for use at your house. You can use it as a place for taking meals. And also as a place for holding family gatherings and doing homework sessions. Plus it can be the best centerpiece in your house where you can hang […]

10 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas You’re Sure to Love

f you’re lucky enough to have one on your floor plan, the dining room can be the crown jewel of the home. Unlike the kitchen counter, which tends to get crowded with, well, stuff, or the living room that needs constant vacuuming touch-ups, the dining room gets to exist in an idyllic in-between state—plates set, tapers standing at the […]

7 Affordable Ideas to Make Your Dining Room Look Expensive

Give your dining area the makeover it deserves with these budget-friendly and gorgeous tricks to make your dining room look expensive. Question: what is your favorite area in your home? For me, it’s probably the dining room. I consider it as my happy place because I love to eat and spend time with my family and friends. However, designing […]

Tips for Choosing Kid- and Pet-Friendly Furniture

Your home is happily filled with kids and pets, but style matters to you, too. Rather than banish kids from the living room or reprimand Fido for curling up in a sofa corner, consider all of the sensible, yet stylish choices designed for busy households like yours. Before you finalize your decisions, you’ll want to […]

What’s In My Cart: 12 Must-Have Home Decor Finds to Upgrade Your Space for Summer

The summer season automatically shifts your mindset, especially when you’re a home decor enthusiast. There’s a sudden desire to swap dark colors with upbeat hues, heavy fabrics with breathable textiles, indoor dining for relaxing alfresco setups—the list goes on. This summer, make a commitment to celebrate the warm weather with thoughtful pieces of furniture and […]

10 Dining Tables Ideas for Small Spaces

It’s tricky trying to find the perfect dining table if you don’t have much space in your home, but we’re here to help! Today we’re going to be sharing the best dining tables for small spaces. Thanks to the latest designs and technology, there are some clever space saving tables you can buy which will […]

Mistakes In Interior Design You Should Avoid

The concept of interior design isn’t as easy as it may seem. It involves understanding how certain kinds of lighting, room size, scale, decor, placement, colour and related aspects can either make or break any room’s design. Interior design can effectively optimise the available space in your home to make it more functional and aesthetically […]

Exotic home decor to spice up your home’s interiors

Every so often, your home needs a little sprucing up. Depending on your interior ideas and budget, you’ll have to decide if you want to complete an entire revamp of certain rooms or add some new pieces to give spaces a fresh feeling. The latter concept enables you to test out items until you feel […]