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Styling a Wall: Decorating Tips for Your Military Home

ne of the most common interior design dilemmas I have come across over the course of my interior design career is how to decorate a large wall in a way that fills up the space without making it look overly cluttered. It can be overwhelming. Either you feel like you need to cover the entire wall […]

What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

There’s no greater proof of a coffee (or cocktail) table’s power to ground a room than to step into a space where the table is too large, too small, too awkward, or otherwise not right. The tips below will help ensure that you select a coffee table that not only looks great on its own but […]

Favorite Takeaways of 2021

The designers and other tastemakers we spoke with throughout the year taught us a lot of practical information about creating our ideal home: how hanging blinds and curtains above the window frames makes the windows look larger, why performance fabrics are key in homes that get lots of sunlight or are near the ocean. But much of their wisdom […]

Awesome Layouts For A Bedroom With A Desk

A bedroom is a place designed for comfort and relaxation. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular to position a desk in this room as well. Having a desk in the bedroom makes it easy to have both a workspace and a place for comfort in one room. There’s no doubt that desks can positively contribute to […]

What’s The Best Direction For A Study Table?

Designated study areas provide benefits for children and adults alike. They create personalized space for individuals to focus on their studies or work. If you want to create a study area in your home, you might be wondering what direction your study table should face. We have researched various ideologies to determine the most effective […]

Leather Sofa Buying Guide

For durability, comfort and pure luxury, nothing beats leather furniture. This time-honored material gets softer and more supple with age, and a smart, stylish leather sofa can last a lifetime. Once you have the basics of leather sofa buying in hand, you’re all set to purchase the iconic living room piece for your own home. Leather Sofa Types […]

6 Steps for a Modern Dining Room Makeover

The dining room is the hub of the home for a reason. It’s the space where we dine together, entertain guests, and it even does double duty as the unofficial home office. Since we spend so much time here, this room should bring maximum style and everyday functionality. Ready to elevate your dining room with […]

What Your Sofa Style Says About You

Your choice of sofa style could say more about you than you realize. Here’s a list of eight popular styles – and a brief breakdown of the personality types most compatible with each one. Read on to discover your sofa match-made-in-heaven! 1. Chesterfield Poise guides your choices, and you’re partial to anything old-fashioned and glamourous – […]

Mission Furniture Style Guide

A look at the mission style of furniture and how to bring it home. Mission style furniture is often believed to be traced back to the 1890s, when the Spanish missions flourished in California during the state’s colonial period. While there are similarities between “mission style” and the California missions, the two are, in fact, […]

6 Reasons Why Scandifornian is Our New Favorite Style

Finding the perfect word to encapsulate your style isn’t always easy, but sometimes you stumble across a genius expression that adequately sums up the look and vibe you’re going for. Scandifornian is one of those titles, and we have designer Natalie Myers to thank for that. She has coined the term, which captures a balance of clean Scandinavian minimalism […]