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13 Kid-Friendly Bedroom Ideas Your Little Ones Won’t Outgrow

written by MEGAN BEAUCHAMP If you don’t have a design background, the idea of putting together a room that can transition from charming nursery to teenage hangout space is daunting, to say the least. So, how exactly do interior designers curate a practical yet playful kid’s bedroom? “This may be a bit controversial, but I say, skip the […]

Pro Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home

One of the most frequently asked questions designers get is, “How do I choose the right artwork?”. There are a few guidelines to make sure you select the right piece for a specific space. Artwork is what helps define the personality of the homeowner and their space. It’s useful in tying certain pieces together and creating character in a home. […]

How to Stretch a Canvas

Introduction: How to Stretch a Canvas A stretched canvas to an artist is like a piece of paper to a writer. The only difference lies the availability of a piece of paper to a stretched canvas. A genuine artist (specifically a painter) tends to stretch their own canvas rather than buying a pre-stretched canvas due […]