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Living room art ideas – 10 inspirational design tips for blank walls

Whether you are looking for living room art ideas that are classic or contemporary, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here Living room art ideas might not be at the forefront of our mind when thinking about how to decorate a living room, but they should be.  Our selection of the very best living room art […]

How to pick wall art that’s the right size for your space

When it comes to wall art, size matters. A canvas print or framed print can be the statement decor your room was missing, yet if the size isn’t right, something will feel off. You want your wall art to be eye-catching and pull the space together rather than feel like it doesn’t belong. Too small […]

Monogram Style Guide

Monogrammed accessories are a must-have for grandmillennials. While monograms may have once been seen as a dated or perhaps stuffy design element, true lovers of classic design know there is nothing more elegant. To help you master the etiquette of monogram use, we’ve put together a handy little reference guide.  Historically monograms were used only by […]

6 Unique ideas to make your dull and dark room look bright

Here are 6 unique ideas to make that particularly dark & gloomy corner of your room look vibrant and inviting. 6 Unique ideas to make your dull and dark room look bright Do you have any particular area in your house that is completely dark? Then think about lighting up that space with different innovative […]

Try This Easy Alternative to Hanging Your Art

Artwork is an essential part of the home. It’s a way to express your interests, to display treasured memories, and to give your space that polished, finished feel. And while we love a good on-the-wall arrangement, it’s far from the only way to bring art into your space. Consider this simple alternative—leaning your art against […]

Wall Art For Living Room Decor Ideas

We all love nice looking and decorated walls. Blank walls are not attractive to look at and this is why wall art is crucial in the home decorating process. One of the best ways to boost your living room style is wall décor. Regardless of whether you’re adding photographs, artwork, or paintings, always make an […]


You’ve make the decision to purchase 2-3 key statement pieces of artwork to decorate your home. Surely that’s where the fun starts, right? However, once you start looking online, you realise the decision-making process is actually quite tricky. Rather than a plethora of artwork ideas, you are instead left with an abundance of questions. “Will it match my sofa?” “Will […]

10 Top Wall Art Ideas to Make Your Room Look Cooler

A wall may be a blank canvas. Consider your general design scheme and the way the art will fit on the specific wall you have decided on. Nowadays there are many different stylish walls covering available to you and may be used for improving the attractiveness of your house. When you have just plain white […]