Let’s face it – every being on the planet has a knack for luxury and opulence. Whether or not it plays an accent – the shiny and glamorous products in your space are the ones that steal most of your guests’ attention. And when it comes to styling a glam dining room, there are a ton of ways to achieve that majestic and grandeur look.

From chandelier to dining chairs, the dining table, area rug, centerpieces, upholstery, and crockery – your glam dining room must be well thought out and planned.

And since you don’t want to overwhelm your space, it’s ideal to create a sense of balance with the help of a perfectly contrasting color palette, the minimal introduction of gold, and ample faux and fur indeed.

Lastly, don’t forget to play with the size, scale, and perspective of your dining space. Excited to style one? Well, have a look at these fabulous glam dining room sets to take inspiration from!

1Candle-Style Empire Chandelier

Candle-Style Empire Chandelier

When decorating the Hollywood Glam-style, you must not hold back from a majestic piece of chandelier. Lighting is an important aspect of this setup – along with the fact that chandeliers can undeniably uplift the ambiance of your dining room.

This particular wood and the metallic candle-style chandelier are quite extravagant and rich – hence, aligning with the principles of this style. So, you can best pair it with a couple of pastels, gold, and fresh flowers to complete the dining room look.

2Seaford Pedestal Dining Table

Seaford Pedestal Dining Table

This curvy feminine dining table is a great fit for your small glam dining room. Taking inspiration from a lush bouquet of flowers, the harmonious pairing of the marble and brass defines the utmost wealth and richness in the dining room. 

And since it’s quite versatile, you can best pair it with any hue you like – dark blues, rust, mauves, blush pink, or clean white. At the same time, ensure to not add too much gold to other accessories!

3Velvet Barrel Chair

Velvet Barrel Chair

This barrel-back armchair has glam and dazzling look from every corner. With a chic neutral look and a classy velvet finish – this versatile and timeless dining chair makes a great statement in every glam dining room that’s either loud and contrasting or subtle and monochromatic.

Don’t forget – the gold finish on the legs of the chair totally steals the glance and makes your space appear extra chic and delightful.

A Pro Tip: Try incorporating velvet and suede upholstery in your glam dining space!

4Faux Fur Blanket

Faux Fur Blanket

If you want a glamorous and rich look in your dining room space, one of the coziest and chic materials to incorporate is faux fur. Whether you plan to throw a blanket or choose the dining chairs upholstery in this fabric – it’s ideal to play with this to add a sense of depth and texture.

Furthermore, this faux pairs beautifully with a set of decorated pampas grass and fresh indoor plants to go. Isn’t that such a sophisticated and elegant backdrop?

5Nixon Dining Table

Nixon Dining Table

This is one of the classic glam dining table designs that can easily fit into your small dining as well as living room spaces. With a brushed brass finish and a white marble countertop – this table set is all ready to exhibit a rich and grandeur look to your space.

When amalgamated with white dining chairs, white floors, and white background – this gold protrudes out to create a stunning and eye-catchy appeal throughout.

6Velvet Curtains

Velvet Curtains

Curtains have the potential to make your dining room appear taller, grander, more elegant, and rich. And especially if it flaunts a beautiful velvet or suede upholstery – the result is definitely impeccable and unimaginable! 

Hence, with a gold curtain rod indeed, you can hang your favorite velvet curtains to make your guests and family members go “wow”. Generally, you can either choose emerald green, blush, navy blue, or gray for glam and heavy look.

7Bold Color Palette

Bold Color Palette

Choosing a cohesive and eye-catchy color palette should be the number one aspect when decorating the Hollywood Glam style. Well, it generally includes the use of two or three striking accent hues that add a sense of boldness to the room – while exhibiting ample depth.

Colors like navy blue, mustard, dark gray, teal, plum, and emerald green dominantly play a contrasting role. And when you fuse a touch of tan leather, faux fur, and tufted suede to it – the result is absolutely mindblowing.

A pro tip: Try holding back from soothing pastels and lighter neutrals in the dramatic Hollywood Glam-style backdrop.

8Swivel Chair

Swivel Chair

Which decor feature in this dining room appeals the most to you? Isn’t it the bright and iconic swivel chair that adds that “wanted” glam and sophisticated touch to the dining room? This setup is a perfect blend of Art Deco and Hollywood Glam that’s comfortable, cohesive, and opulent at the same time.

Another way to create a distinctive look in your dining room is by switching the ‘head of the table’ chair with another iconic one!