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How to Decorate a Room with Color (While Keeping the Mood Simple and Calm)

Do you like decorating with color? Or do you prefer neutrals? I appreciate so many types of rooms. I sense the beauty in rooms with primary neutrals and a serene organic look…and I also feel so happy when I see rooms with fun little pops of color…as well as rooms bursting with color all over! […]


As I have explained before, lighting falls into four functions: task, ambient, accent and decorative. None of these lighting types function very well by themselves. They have to work in conjunction with each other to make a successful lighting design. This time I want to explore accent lighting in particular. Take a look at the […]

The Perfect Small Lamp for a Bookshelf or Countertop – Home Decor iDeas

The Perfect Small Lamp for a Bookshelf or Countertop

A small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop can add light to a dreary spot. This mini opal glass lamp is a perfect size and solution for a small space. And it’s so pretty, too. Get this color changing dimmable lightbulb for it and you’ll thank me later! Hello, friends…it’s Courtney here today! I have been slowly but surely […]

Home Decor Party- Here Are Some Fun, Inexpensive Party Decoration Ideas for Adults

Everyone loves a party but organising one can be a bit of a pain. If you are organising a home party on a budget, this blog is for you. Here, we will list budget-friendly party ideas you can take inspiration from. We will dish out practical tips on how to save money on parties, without compromising on the ‘fun’ factor! Deck Up Your Buffet Table One […]