Having had lived in the same house for decades, the residents of Paul Mansion wanted a much needed upcycle. A decluttered and spacious layout was the primary requirement for a vibrant family of four which was wonderfully executed by Sakshi Arora Poddar of Tatvam Concepts.
Sakshi Arora Poddar – founder of Tatvam Concepts.
“The primary goal was to create a cozy and relaxing domestic environment that would transform the home into a moment of calm – a restorative space for relaxing and recharging and reflecting that, the interiors are dominated by calming color tones, natural materials, and soft lines”, said Sakshi.
The spacious living room connected to the den makes a multi-functional area, extending it further for when the residents want to entertain. Living Room
This apartment has a living and dining area, a powder bathroom, 3 bedrooms, a den, a kitchen, and a balcony that joins two of the bedrooms. As you enter into the foyer, you see a beautiful biophilic wallpaper that immediately brings freshness and an element of nature in the home. The floor to ceiling wooden swivel door was used as a divider to separate the foyer and living room while still maintaining an openness.
The wooden door is a convenient space creator, providing privacy as and when needed. Foyer
Then comes the living room where you see a continuous layered panel that has 2 hidden doors – one opens up to a sophisticated neo classical powder bathroom, and the other to the master bedroom. Keeping in mind the needs of the occupants of this home to entertain on a regular basis, plenty of seating has been infused.
Upholstered sofas and olive green armchairs were set against a marble clad wall. The large jasmine silk black and white rug binds together all the furniture in the conversation area.
The tall ceilings have been retained, bringing back the original glory of the past.Living room
The neutral hued dining table chairs and marble table top perfectly compliment the theme while the king of spaces painted sliding door stands out. Dining
The stunningly designed neoclassical powder bathroom. Powder bathroom
The focal point is the hand painted image of a King of Spades – painted on the sliding door that opens up to the den. This art was specially chosen to reflect the client’s personality and his personal entertainment space. This partition keeps the den area flexible, allowing it open to a more spacious layout when there are guests. It is steeped in shades of bottle green exhibiting a raw chic neutral vibe. The dining table stands out with an organically unusual shape. The earthy tones of the dining chairs and Italian marble further add a delightful naturalness.
A visual contrast between finished and unfinished walls with exposed bricks and the herringbone flooring beautifully compliments the setting.Den
The 4th bedroom was converted to the den – a masterpiece that the entire family enjoys together. Den
The master bedroom captures the idea of livable elegance with pops of blue. Wooden flooring and a rug to match the color tone of the accent armchairs further imbibes a cozy interior. A bookshelf breaks the monotony of the hidden storage behind the upholstered bed.
The master bedroom has contrasting, yet, soothing colours. Master Bedroom
Crisp and clean, the master bedroom truly stands apart from the rest. Master Bedroom
The master bathroom with black flooring, full height mirror, pendant lights and brushed bronze fittings add its grandeur.Master Bathroom
The son’s bedroom features a popular neo classical backdrop as a timeless aesthetic with unique contemporary touches to it. Blue and tan – which are complimentary colors are intentionally used in areas that visually draw the whole room together. The chesterfield armchair, David painting and the mouldings on the wall add a neoclassical touch to it, while the stone veneer behind the TV and the black tinted wardrobe keep the room feeling young and fresh.
The son’s bedroom is youthful, modern and cozy with stark design elements that are one-of-a-kind. Master Bedroom
Bright blue in the back panel of the bed is so eye-catching – we absolutely love it! Master Bedroom
En enviable closet – what do you think?Master Bedroom
“The 40 sq. ft. bathroom was a challenging space and using light colors would have been the obvious choice. However, this norm was broken to use a bold and dramatic theme”. – Sakshi Arora Poddar. Son's bathroom
The grandmother’s room leans more towards minimalism with a calm color palette. Subtle wallpaper patterns, an upholstered headboard, walnut wood panels and other soft furnishings add to the serenity.
For visual interest, subtle patterns were incorporated in the pillows and a rug, highlighting the room.Grandmother's bedroom
If only every grandmom’s room was as young as this one! Grandmother's bedroom
The 250 sq ft balcony, which the clients wanted to imbibe a calming and relaxing vibe, was converted into a lush, manicured and landscaped lawn.
The stunning house is topped off with a balcony that fits the opulence of the entire home. Balcony