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5 Designers Share the Patterns They Can’t Decorate Without

With so many stunning patterns to choose from, we had to ask: which are designers’ absolute favorites, and why? We spoke with top designers to gather insights on patterns that are charismatic, sophisticated, and versatile, and the good news is that you’ve likely incorporated at least a few of these into your space already, A Twist on […]

PPG’s 2022 Color of the Year Is the Tranquil, Soothing Shade We’ve Been Craving

Resiliency and tenacity were defining terms of the last two years: the world ached, rebuilt, and revived itself into a new version of normalcy. We’re craving that sense of connection and peace now more than ever, and when it comes to design, the events of the past year are certainly defining the color choices for 2022. […]

“Bring in the Old:” Why Vintage Furniture Is Having a Design Moment

Scrolling through Instagram, past the sponsored posts and shots of beautiful interiors or influencer OOTDs, an unlikely product is being sold via DMs: vintage furniture. Secondhand furniture shops across the country are posting their unique finds online, and seeing those items sold the same day. Though ordering brand-new, trendy, and inexpensive furniture online is just […]

Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas You’re Sure to Love

when most of us outfit our bedrooms, we tend to stock up on classic finds like headboards, linens, and nightstands. And in the process of getting our eye-level aesthetic just right, we neglect to do something very simple: look up. Though the ceiling may not be the first thing we see when we walk into a […]

Morden Kitchen, Morden Dining room

If you’re lucky enough to have one on your floor plan, the dining room can be the crown jewel of the home. Unlike the kitchen counter, which tends to get crowded with, well, stuff, or the living room that needs constant vacuuming touch-ups, the dining room gets to exist in an idyllic in-between state—plates set, tapers standing at the […]

How I Transformed an Oversized Hallway Into a True Dining Room

To get from the front door to the kitchen or living room, you have to walk through a narrow hallway, and then the fat hallway. Remember: it’s a jigsaw puzzle of an apartment. As with any pass-through space, I knew I’d have to be cognizant of the fact that my partner and I would need […]

Monogram Style Guide

Monogrammed accessories are a must-have for grandmillennials. While monograms may have once been seen as a dated or perhaps stuffy design element, true lovers of classic design know there is nothing more elegant. To help you master the etiquette of monogram use, we’ve put together a handy little reference guide.  Historically monograms were used only by […]

How to Make a Room Look Bigger: 7 Tips for Fooling the Eye

Need to add some pizzazz to a small space? Check out these clever interior design-inspired tricks. When outfitting small spaces, everything counts. With a few well-placed items and smart design choices, you can actually make a room look bigger. Color techniques, furniture arranging, mirrorlig placement, and creative lighting design can fool the eye and make […]

Fascinating Facts About Favorite Fabric Houses

You know their names. Maybe you’ve purchased furniture upholstered with their newest fabrics or pillows made with vintage designs. But you might not know the stories behind the luxury houses that for generations have created some of the world’s most coveted textiles. Below, we explore the histories of five favorites. Schumacher If you don’t find it impressive […]

Are You Making The 4 Bedroom Design Mistakes That Keep Decorators Up At Night?

Are things looking a little lackluster in the bedroom? Don’t worry, bedroom decor problems are more common than you think, and fairly easy to fix. We’ve identified four of the most common bedroom decor mistakes along with their simple solutions. Design mistake #1: choosing loud colors The design mistake: Choosing bold, bright colors, such as yellows, […]