When it comes to the dining room, the table is the centrepiece and key to creating an amazing ambience for everyone to feel at home.

Why is that? The dining room–or more specifically the dining table–is where everyone sits down together to enjoy a meal and companionship with family and friends. The right dining table sets the mood of the entire dining room. If you are always asking yourself “how to choose a dining table?” you will love the dining room ideas and tips that we have to share! Read on!

Choose The Right Dining Table Design

5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set Round Table with Bottom Frame, Dining Room Upholstered Chairs 4

Deciding on the design for your home dining table is no small feat, because the look and feel of a room can easily be changed depending on the table’s finishing. For instance, a white marble or marble-lookalike dining table gives off an elegant and classy feel.

A black or grey marble or marble-lookalike table, on the other hand, gives off a sleek vibe and more mysterious look that you just can’t achieve with other tables.

If you’re going for a more rustic feel, go for the Butcher Block Dining Table, loved for its signature woodknot look that’s customisable in 6 wood colourways! This fantastic piece can bring out a range of vibes ranging from Scandinavian to farmhouse! It all depends on your colour of choice.

The thought process might be overwhelming to some, so we have broken it down to these simple steps:

  1. Look at the current state of your dining room and ask yourself some trigger questions:
    1. What do you want to achieve, design wise?
    2. Do you prefer something simple, timeless, or bold?
    3. Do you prioritise design over functionality?
  2. Once you have the answers, decide on your budget and shop accordingly. If you need design ideas, you can always browse furniture outlets that offer a myriad of choices.
  3. It helps to experience the furniture you intend to buy, so pay a visit to the showroom to try the dining table out, first hand. More than just trying out the furniture, showrooms also come with splendid interior design that may just inspire you.

Consider Versatile Dining Room Furniture

5-piece dining table set 5-piece set with faux marble tabletop and 4 durable gray velvet chairs, perfect for kitchen, breakfast

Round dining tables are common in Singapore, but they may take up too much space for young adults and couples. The situation gets tricker if you live in a small apartment. The solution lies in versatile dining room furniture. How can dining tables be versatile, you may wonder?

They come in the form of foldable or extendable dining tables, which are essentially tables that can be expanded on the go to accomodate an extra guest or two. These space-saving masterpieces can also be neatly stowed away when not in use to give you more room, which is why extendable dining tables are always part of the best small dining area ideas.

Consider The Space Available

5-piece dining table set 5-piece set with faux marble tabletop and 4 durable gray velvet chairs, perfect for kitchen, breakfast

Dining tables are usually the centrepiece of the room, but when space is limited, placing a table in the middle of the room is not space efficient. Here’s a brilliant idea for those with small dining areas: When selecting dining tables, find one that you can place at a corner or push against a wall, as it gives you more room to move around and your dining room will feel more spacious. This means square or rectangle dining tables are your best bet when you need a space-saving dining table for small spaces! Alternatively, the addition of folding dining tables can also work, as you can always keep them to make more room.

And here’s a tried-and-true space saving tip: Choose chairs, stools or benches that can be fully tucked under the table when they’re not in use. If you’re getting arm chairs, do find out how much of the chair’s arms can be tucked under, as any other parts of the chair that remains untucked will eat into your precious walkway space.

Consider Your Personal Needs and Preference

Dining Table Set 6 Chairs Wholesale Luxury Modern Restaurant Furniture Upholstered Leather Seat Metal Leg Dining Chairs Hotel Ba

Sometimes, the perfect dining table for your home doesn’t exist, yet. Explore all your options by customising your very own dining table! A customised dining table will look exactly how you want it, from the design, colour, all the way down to its dimensions. It adds a nice personalised touch to your dining room, making it one-of-a-kind.