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Ceiling lights, or fixtures that are mounted flush with the ceiling as opposed to hanging lights like pendants or chandeliers, are the oft unsung heroes of the ambient lighting category. While certain rooms can make use of ambient lighting from other types of fixtures, every home has areas where ceiling lights are the best (and sometimes only) […]

Cozy Family Room Interior Design Ideas You’ll Love

Family room design ties together family entertainment, comfort, and style. Often called a “great room,” the ideal family room is a place for all members of the family to relax, watch a movie, read a book, and just enjoy some time together. Such rooms are generally less formal than traditional living rooms. Function of the […]

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories Sets: Styles and Options

Styles and Themes There are tons of styles and themes to choose from. Cartoon characters Action heroes The beach Jungle or rainforest Moon and stars Polka dots and stripes Ladybugs The key is to choose something that your child or children really likes. No matter what the theme, you’ll find that there is a wide assortment of […]

8 Small Apartment Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

A small apartment bedroom presents unique challenges that can become great design solutions. Some design elements include the use of mirrors, wallpaper, patterns, colors and furniture. Make sure you clear any permanent changes, such as paint and built-in units, with management prior to making them. Paint You can use a simply technique of going with the […]

7 Captivating Types of Room Partitions for Privacy

There are many conventional ways to create a room divider without completely walling off the spaces, like using bookcases and furniture arrangements. Decorative folding screens are an easy, go-to solution and hanging room dividers provides another way to separate spaces. However, these aren’t your only options when you need to create separate spaces. Aquarium An aquarium can be a great way […]

7 Essential Sunroom Interior Design Elements for Brighter Results

Interior design for sunrooms is no longer just a Florida topic. Sunrooms – or garden rooms – are an increasingly popular addition to homes all around the country. Such rooms add a cheerful touch to any style house. Whether you are building a new addition or converting an existing room, here are a couple of […]

How to Arrange Decorative Objects

Grouping Objects The rule of three is used in interior design to create interest, rhythm and depth. It helps to think of it as a composition of elements created to draw your attention through the room. Seeing the same colors, design patterns and shapes throughout a room gives it a cohesive design. You want to […]

15 Simple Tips for Decorating Your Ideal Bedroom

You can learn how to decorate a bedroom with a few quick tips guaranteed to make your choices easier. It’s fun and simple to put colors and design together once you understand the basics of bedroom design. 1. Best Wall Colors You have a large color palette for selecting the wall color for your bedroom. The first thing […]