We all love nice looking and decorated walls. Blank walls are not attractive to look at and this is why wall art is crucial in the home decorating process. One of the best ways to boost your living room style is wall décor. Regardless of whether you’re adding photographs, artwork, or paintings, always make an effort of adding visual interest to your home.

We understand the decorating process is not an easy task, especially the brainstorming stage. You may need to do a lot of research, which can be tiring and demotivating. Some people choose to do the designing themselves while others may hire an interior designer. Either way, you need creative designs for your wall. This is why we are here to help.

Looking to get inspiration for decorating your blank walls? Then, look no further. We have got plenty of ideas to get you started. From gallery walls to DIY decorations, these ideas will help you spark your creativity.

10 Best Living Room Wall Art Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

1. Three Triptych Print Arts

A triptych is a piece of art that is shown in three panels. Grouping artwork is an easy way to make a great impact on a living room wall. The artistic prints below all have the same pineapple theme. They also have matching golden frames which add a touch of class to the design. Below them is a neutral-colored couch to match the printed colors. This type of setting gives a warm and modern look.

Wall art for living room

2. Wallpaper In Photo Frames

There are many ways you can use a photo frame as a decorative item for your wall. This is one of the inexpensive ways to add décor to your wall. There are only 3 items needed; tape, wallpaper, and a photo frame. If you have an old photo frame at home that you have been planning to throw away, then this is the best time to use it. You can revitalize it by adding leftover wallpaper to it.

Wall art

Here are the steps for creating this idea;

  • Cut the wallpaper to the size of the frame.
  • Wrap the wallpaper around the frame- Ensure all the visible parts are covered.
  • Tape the wallpaper on the frame.

Note- It is easy to change the wallpaper to a different design, as often as you’d like.

3. Typography In Wood Frames

Here, you get to put your preferred words into framed sections. These words can be your favorite quotes and lines from your favorite authors, TV shows, celebrities, etc. Depending on the look you are planning to achieve, you can choose either to use color or black and white. Also, you need to determine the number of frames you will need depending on the space you have.

Work Art

This is one of the simplest DIY projects for your living room wall. You just need to print out your favorite words and put them on a frame.

4. Hanging A Scarf To The Wall

Scarves aren’t just meant for winter or as accessories to add fashion, they can also be used as decorative pieces around your home. Get a scarf that is colorful, where each color should be somewhere else in the room. It can also have artwork that makes it stand out even more. You can also consider vintage scarves.

Hang it in a central place on your living room wall. Other things that can be used in a similar way include curtains, ribbons, etc. This adds an expensive look to your living room area. It also adds a sense of softness to space and is way easier to move compared to framed paintings.

Rainbow Ribbon Hanging Wall Decoration

5. Water-Colored Painted Wall

If your living room has white walls and there is nothing distracting, then it’s time to add color to it. Use soft brush strokes with blended colors to get the impression of watercolor. If you are not willing to paint the wall, you can use a printed wallpaper.

The design is brilliant, cheerful, and soothing, with each splash of paint giving a certain mood and emotion. You can choose to add flowers or plants to the living room to match with this wall art.

Watercolor Painted Living Room Mural

6. Sentimental Typography

What is a better way to decorate your living room wall than with an encouraging message? This is one of the simplest wall decor used to show love or emotions. Choose a message that best suits your home and yourself.

It is important to use dark font colors that are easy to read as well as complement your home decor. Each writing should be applied smoothly so that it looks like it was painted on, in perfect handwriting. Ensure the wall surface is clean before applying them. You can choose your preferred location for placing the writing but we recommend placing it over your couch.

7. Hanging Hand-Painted Ceramic Plates

Why keep your ceramic plates in the cabinet when you can use them as decor items? These ceramic plates add a piece of culture to your home. You can choose to get creative and hand paint the ceramic plated to a design of your liking. Use wire plate hangers to display your favorite dishes and serving platters.

The floral patterns on the plate give a mood of romantic and playful. It also gives an attractive feel to your blank wall. For this kind of decor, you can either choose to hand a large single plate or use several plates if you have a larger space.

Charming Hand-Painted Hanging Ceramic Plates
Traditional Dining Room by Anouska Hempel Design in Wiltshire England

8. Colorful Map Wall Art

Adding a large colorful map is a great way to bring a bit of the outside world into your home. It will also give great aesthetic pleasure to your boring living room wall. The map should be of either your home country or of a place you like or wish to go to someday. The colors of the map should closely be matching the color scheme of your living room.

It is easy to order a personalized map of a city or a country in the world you would love to visit. You can make it more personalized by adding pins to places you are planning to visit or places you’ve already visited.

9. Hanging Mirror

One of the easiest ways of adding beauty to a blank wall is hanging a large mirror against the wall. Mirrors have the power to catch the light and to expand the space, making the room feel relaxed and big. This also illuminates the living room giving it a relaxed modern home decor.

This piece of art makes a small space feel and look bigger and brighter. You can either choose to hang one large mirror or display several small mirrors.

wall decor ideas
wall decor ideas

10. Colorful Cacti Painting

This cacti painting gives the vibes of a warm desert scene. It brightens the color scheme of the room, especially for neutral colored rooms. It is a simple yet brilliant art piece, that stands out because of its bright color.

The green color for the cacti plant and the pink for the desert sunset complement each other. The painting also has other bright colors such as purple, yellow, magenta, etc., which adds a certain feel of brightness to the room. Note- The flowers on the table also complement the art piece.

Any artist can come up with something similar to this art or rather, you can contact a capable artist online to draw you this or better.

Flowering Cacti at Sunset Painting