Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, according to which positioning of things and their characteristics influence the life of a home owner. Its goal is to create a harmonious living environment that leads to well-being. It is reached by thinking over how arrange and use the space. Good feng shui can turn your home into an inspiring place with better energy, which will contribute to your health, relationships, creativeness and success. Of course, re-arranging of the whole house is rather a difficult process and may take up much time and money. However, even following several easy pieces of advice, you can make your life better. Here are some simple feng shui things, which everyone can do.

Un-Clutter every room. In order to allow positive energy to flow freely, you first need to get rid of all the unnecessary staff. When there is too much clutter in your home, it leads to taking over of your house by negative energy. Remember that neatness leads to harmony.

Divide the house into working and rest zones. If you work where you sleep, it can cause your bad sleep and laziness in work. It’s better to have these zones in different rooms, but if you have a small apartment, you can just divide a room into two areas. The mixture of these two areas is strongly prohibited.
A Feng Shui Design Idea for a Small Flat

A Feng Shui Design Idea for a Small Flat

Repair the broken things immediately. Broken furniture, devices or even small cracks on the glass, covering your favorite travel posters, will lead to energy disruption in your house. That’s why, if you see that something is wrong, fix it as soon as you can.

Use plants and flowers. It’s considered that if you display fresh flowers in your home, they will bring you a good fortune. However, it’s not recommended to use plants with thorns. In addition, if the flowers have withered or died, remove them.

Add water. It’s not necessary to place water fountains around the house (though, it’s good to have one), some water features will be enough. You can use nature posters, photos or paintings, depicting water, or everything that resembles it. If you decide to place a water fountain, it’s better to do that near the entry of your home, but it’s important that the water flows towards the center of your house so that the wealth pours into your life.A Feng Shui Water Fountain

A Feng Shui Water Fountain

Avoid corners and sharp shapes. Sharp corners hinder the stimulation of harmonious and calm atmosphere. Of course, it’s very hard to avoid them at all, but, at least, don’t place beds, sofas and chairs in corners.

Hang mirrors. Mirrors reflect positive energy and lead to its expansion. However, you shouldn’t place them at the front door as it may lead to the energy outflow. A mirror shouldn’t be also placed opposite your bed or at the side of the bed as it may cause problems in relationships.

Throw away the things you don’t like. Almost all of us have many things at home, which we don’t like, but we still keep them as they are presents from some people, we are afraid to upset, or because we aren’t accustomed to get rid of the things, which aren’t spoilt or broken. But the things we don’t like just drag us down and prevent from development. That’s why don’t be afraid of getting rid of something you don’t love.

Let the light shine. Light is considered to be an energy-activating component. That’s why it’s better to use much light at every area of your home. Natural light is, of course, preferable.

Make a lovely entryway. As you house starts from this place, it’s necessary to make it attractive. Not only you and your guests come in with its help but also the positive energy. It’s not necessary to create something extraordinary; just put a fresh doormat, add pots of flowers, repair or change the broken elements and keep it clean. Moreover, it’s better to take away the slippers and other footwear from the entryway as the space at the entrance door must be free and clear.
A Beautiful Entryway

A Beautiful Entryway

Remove unfriendly furniture. Everything that you consider to be unsafe should be removed from your home. If you have a shelf you bump your head on, a chair you stub your toe etc, it’s better to get rid of it and replace with something more friendly. Moreover, it’s not good to keep weapons or sharp objects on the surface; it’s better to hide them.

Clean windows. Windows are your eyes to the world and that’s why, it’s very important to keep them clean. You need to see the universe clearly.

Use all feng shui elements. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are feng shui elements, which must be incorporated in your design. There are dozens of ways how to do that and you will surely find the one, which suits your home.
The Interaction of Feng Shui Elements

The Interaction of Feng Shui Elements

Keep air fresh. Open windows and air all the rooms in the house during the day. Stuffy and stale air attracts negative energy.

Move key furniture pieces to the “empowered position”. This means that beds, sofas and armchairs should be placed so that you can see the door and the whole room. But don’t place the key furniture elements directly in front of the door. It’s not recommended to relax with your back to the door either.

Our homes are our havens and that’s why we need to take care of them. Following these simple but important rules, you will reach harmony in your home and turn it into a place, which isn’t only used for dwelling but for inspiration as well. Take into account that feng shui doesn’t only deal with changing the physical surroundings but also includes development of a person from within.