A split canvas or a poster. It doesn’t matter how many parts your canvas consists of. The most important here is to show your personality. Depending on what you like, you can hang travel, sports, animals, musical posters etc. Moreover, it will be nice to place the images in an original way, for example, on sticks.A Split Nature Poster

A Split Nature Poster

Beans picture. To do it, you just need beans, paint, glue, a paperboard or a piece of wood. It’s also possible to use some other natural materials like coffee beans or cereals.A Beans Picture

A Beans Picture

Framed jewelry organizer. To place your jewels in a frame is a wonderful way to combine art and practicality as such a picture not only decorates the wall, but also a very convenient place for storing your jewels.A Jewelry Organizer

A Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry tree. It’s one more way to use your jewelry for the interior design. Attach washi tape to the wall in the form of a tree and place thumbtacks on the end of each branch. The tree is ready and now you can hang your jewels there.A Jewelry Tree

A Jewelry Tree

Butterflies. Despite the fact that real specimens cost a lot, you have a chance to use butterflies for your interior design. The secret is that you don’t need to use real butterflies, just cut them from old books or magazines and fold the wings forward so that they look realistic. Place them into frames and the collection is ready. Though, the frames aren’t obligatory.Butterflies Design

Butterflies Design

Travel shadow box. Use a map of the place, you have been to, and some small souvenirs from it, like wine corks, tickets and buttons, and place all these in a shadow box. Now, you have all your memories about the travel, gathered in one place.Travel Shadow Boxes

Travel Shadow Boxes

Window frame. Make a frame of your old window by adding a mat as a background (not obligatory) and place your photos in it. Black&white photos look more organic in such a kind of frame.Window Frames Without Mats

Window Frames Without Mats

Repeating items. By placing several identical or similar things in rows or in some geometrical shapes on the wall, you will be able to turn your wall into an original artwork. For example, you can use baskets, cups or plates.
Plates Wall Decor

Plates Wall Decor

Book page art. Books or book pages can also be used for decor. For example, fold book pages halfway in different directions and attach books to the wall with the help of screws.
Book Pages Art

Book Pages Art

Empty frames. At the moment, it gets more and more popular to place frames on walls without any photos or paintings. It’s possible to use similar frames or absolutely different ones.Empty Frames Design

Empty Frames Design

Fabric pictures. Using the pieces of fabrics you like, double-sided tape and a foam core, it’s possible to create nice popping panels. They can be made of similar or various textures and colors, depending on your room design. One more way to hang fabrics on the wall is to use embroidery hoops.Fabric Pictures

Fabric Pictures

Cupcake wrappers art. Yes, they are also used for design. Using your imagination, you are free to create different pictures and compositions, made of them. Usually, it’s abstract art, but if you feel that you can do something more special, create your own unique masterpieces.Cupcake Wrappers Art

Cupcake Wrappers Art

Chalkboard art. This type of art has gained much popularity recently. The main pluses of it are that you can paint or write there whatever you want and change the design as soon as you get bored of it.Chalkboard Pictures

Chalkboard Pictures

Metal repair tape design. Just using a tape, scissors and a canvas, it’s possible to make a lovely picture. Just use your imagination and create a beautiful abstract artwork. The silver material will look organic in modern and contemporary room designs.Metal Repair Tape Design

Metal Repair Tape Design