Bedroom design is one of the most important things in interior decor. In fact, bedroom is the first thing we see in the morning and the last one, which we see in the night before going to sleep. This room must be special as it’s a place, where you are able to have a rest from the outer world and enjoy the comfort.

However, bedroom isn’t only your shelter but also the representation of your character and internal world. That’s why it’s so important to decorate it just the way you like. So, if you want to renew the design of your bedroom or just to add some zest to it, we can offer you various bedroom design ideas.

Before decorating your bedroom, you first need to decide what colors are to be used for it or what the theme is. Nowadays, many people like to decorate their rooms according to a certain theme. It can be everything you like: your favorite place (like Hawaii theme), animals (like dogs theme), sea, pink paradise themes and many others. In fact, it’s impossible to name all the existing themes as each person has different imagination and bedroom design

Pink Bedroomtropical island bedroom

Tropical Island Bedroom

If you don’t want to follow a certain theme, you need to decide on the colors of the room. As it’s your own bedroom, you can afford not to listen to others in choosing the coloring of the room. Leave your friends’ or relatives’ bedroom design ideas for their own homes and listen to your heart. If you want to make the room multi-colored, do it! If you want to make it all pink, do it! If you want the whole room to be white, just do it! Remember that when you are tired of a certain design, you can always renew it.white bedroom design

White Bedroomcolored bedroom design

Сolored Bedroom

Now, when you know how the major things in the room must look like, it’s time to switch to some interesting bedroom decor ideas, which will make your room more special and original. However, please don’t use all the ideas at the same time. Otherwise, the room will be too chocked up.

1. Nice pillows. Don’t be afraid of adding many pillows to your bed. You are surely free to combine colors, textures and prints according to your room style. They also can be of different sizes and forms.
bed with pillows

Nice Pillows

2. Using the space reasonably is one of the best small bedroom decorating ideas. You need to make the things as universal as you can. For example, adjust nightstands and lamps to the walls if it’s possible. In such a way, you will have enough light and, at the same time, make use of the empty walls.

3.Choose a good rug. Besides being suitable for your room, it also needs to be comfortable so that it was pleasant to sit on it or walk barefoot. Usually, people choose 4?6 rugs and place them near the bed, but you are able to make your bedroom special.

4. The use of posters for bedroom designs is rather widespread. Don’t think that they will make your room look like a teenager’s one. You shouldn’t use too much posters. A couple of them will be enough. You can hang the pictures of your favorite movies, nice places, motivational posters etc. However, take care that they will look essential in your room.bedroom with posters

Posters for bedroom

5. Instead of posters it’s also nice to use your personal photos or the ones of your close people. It’s possible to make large posters of them or to place them in cute frames. Such a decoration will make the room warmer and help you to recollect about some pleasant
bedroom with posters and photos

Use large personal photos to decorate your bedroom

6. Mirrors have several functions in a bedroom. They allow you to check your appearance before leaving the room, bounce light from the windows and lamps and, in such a way, make the room brighter. You may place the mirror naked or framed or to paint a faux frame. Believe that the last variant will look very stylish and, moreover, you will be able to create the frame of your dreams. It’s possible to use decals in decorating the mirror as well.

7. Don’t fear to use decals. You may think that decals are used only in children rooms, but it’s not true. There are so many variants of them that you will easily find something for your bedroom: butterflies, flowers, abstract pictures and even quotes etc. It’s possible to choose many small decals or a huge one. It’s up to you to choose.Green and white bedroom

Green and white bedroom

8. We have got accustomed that collectibles are usually displayed in living rooms. However, why not choose them for your bedroom? If the collection is personal and means a lot for you, you can freely use it as one of the bedroom decorating ideas. The collectibles can be placed on the walls, shelves or small tables, depending on their size and form.

9. Floral arrangements or just flowers can become one more useful piece of the decor. They make the room more vivid. You have an opportunity to select the ones, which will suit any theme and any coloring of the room as there so many types of flowers. Moreover, plants release oxygen and clean the air. And it’s especially important in the room, where you sleep.
Flowers in the bedroom

Flowers in the bedroom

10. If you decide to follow our previous piece of advice, don’t forget about pots. Simple white pots suit almost every room and design. However, some interesting pots, which absolutely coincide with the style of your room, will look much better. You can either seek for them in the stores or release your creativity and turn the ordinary pots into pieces

11. Books look wonderful not only in libraries or studies but also in bedrooms. As all books have different covers and not all of them look well in a certain interior design, it’s recommended to wrap them with beautiful decorative paper. In such a way, they will become an integral part of the room interior and, at the same time, you are free to use them for their intended purpose.

12. One of the best master bedroom ideas for people, who want to make their bedroom a romantic place, is the use of candles. Tea lights, pillar and votive candles will add not only romance to your room but also make it warmer and cozier.

13. Floor poufs can be used instead or along with chairs and armchairs. Nowadays, there are many interesting and original variants of them both in live and online shops. Just select the most suitable one and add it to your room decor.
floor pouf for bedroom

Floor poufs

14. Get luxurious covers. Cover your bed with qualitative covers, which are made in the same style. As the bed is the key element in the room, all the attention will be drawn by it. That’s why you need to make it perfect. And don’t forget about pillows!

15. When you want to design a bedroom but have no enough money for this, you have a way out. You can renew and reuse some old things. You can change their form and functions, paint them and do whatever you like.

So, you are a master now and know a lot about bedroom design ideas, which will help you to create the room of your dreams. Now, it’s time to start the decoration. Don’t be afraid of making experiments and remember the words by Herman Melville “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”.