Shelves. Shelves aren’t only a good design idea but also the useful one. You can place your books, collectibles or any other things on them. Nowadays, it’s very popular to make floating shelves, which have no visible mounting.Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Fluffy materials. Brick walls look very cold. If you want to reach harmony, you need to add some warm elements. For example, you can use some fluffy things (it can be either natural or artificial fur, or other soft and fluffy materials) for wall decoration. In such a way, you will make the room warmer and more comfortable.Fluffy Brick Wall Design

Fluffy Brick Wall Design

Candles. One more way to add warmness to a brick wall is to use candles. Even the most usual thick white candles will look good. Moreover, if you light them, the romantic atmosphere will enter your home immediately. Candles can be placed in so many interesting ways that they can even be a replacement of an artwork.Candles on a Brick Wall

Candles on a Brick Wall