A room with little natural light does not have to be a dark and sad space. Especially when it is a place where you do not feel at ease. With the decorating ideas that we present to you and with the tricks on how to lighten up a dark room, you will know where and how to place the different lighting sources. That way your dark room will shine with its own light.

Bring light to your dark room

A basement, bathroom or a dark loft house all usually have a single small window. Still, there are solutions to take advantage of them by creating more spacious and bright spaces. If you want to transform a room of this type and make it much more cheerful, here you are! Using the possibilities of current lighting and a successful decoration, you will get it! Just check the focal points you should pay attention to, below!

lighting for dark living room idea

Usually the room that will need the proper lighting is your living room. Incorporating your living room ideas with these tips will make your space fantastic. Although the tips’ nature might not sound unfamiliar, it’s all in the way you use them. With a little extra care, the brightest and most impressive living room will belong to you!

Distribution and choice of spotlights, sconces, and lamps

The options you have when filling a room with light are almost endless. Sometimes, a room is dark simply because it lacks points that provide light. You do not have to turn them on all at once. But the important thing is that they are in order to create the environment you want at all times.

It is essential to avoid dark corners. To achieve this it is important to make a preliminary sketch in which to determine where you are going to place the lamps you choose. Think about the use you will give to that room and the future decoration.

For example, if it is a dining room with two different environments, you will need at least two points of light. So that no area is dimmer than the other. You will always have the option to turn off one of them. But, if at any given time the situation requires extra lighting, you can get your living room overflowing light without missing another window.

The idea is to create a space with a homogeneous light that fills the entire room. It may also be necessary to place a floor lamp to illuminate, for example, a reading corner and. Also, a wall lamp that falls right in that area that you want to highlight at a decorative level.

So as you can see, it’s not about the lamps in general. It’s about how to properly use them to lighten up a dark room.

industrial living room with brick wall and floor lamp

Spotlights for interior rooms

For rooms with low light and in addition to reduced space, the spotlights can give excellent results. Embedding them in the false ceiling will avoid the feeling of overload and will achieve that ambient light effect that we are looking for. LED panels are also a great solution, especially for bathrooms with low light or even without windows. You can choose between those that emit cold or warm light, to give your bathroom the environment you prefer.

living room with white brick wall and floor lamp

Use decor to lighten up a dark room

Getting the right lights is the first step in getting that dark room to cease to be, but, in addition, a room of these characteristics requires taking into account some details. So that any decorative element you include contributes to highlighting the low natural light that you may have or the artificial light that you have strategically placed.

As a first tip, remember that, in a room with a lack of light, less is more. Try not to overload it with large and heavy furniture and with a thousand accessories, because not only will it take away space but also light.

dark living room decor idea

In addition, some tricks that can help brighten up a dark room are:

  • White is your best ally. “Abuse” it because this color will reflect the light that the room itself has transforming it into a much more cheerful space.
  • Mirrors are also a point in favor. The mirror visually duplicates the space and will also replicate the points of light that you have on in the room. If in the room you have a window, even if it is small, do not hesitate! Place the mirror in front of it and it will be like having “two windows”.
  • Run away from dark floors because their presence will help to extinguish any attempt to increase the brightness. If you choose ceramic tiles, choose stick pink, beige, camel or white tones again and if you opt for wood, opt for the lightest, white or poplar type.
  • Plants and flowers. They are the best ornament you can have to decorate any small corner without overloading and without subtracting light.
  • Beware of textiles. Thick curtains, a tapestry on the wall or a heavy and dark carpet can also end your attempt to get a light and bright space.