The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s called the living room for a reason, actually. We bet you have wondered how you can arrange living room furniture so that it matches your style at least once in your life. You want it to be in a way that makes your home feel inviting, right? After all, it should be an area where you and guests can relax and have conversations. So, it needs to flow naturally and should be arranged around a focal point.

Wondering how you can turn these living room ideas into reality? Well, in this article you will find out!

Living room furniture arrangement

Say your living room has a fireplace. That will be the deciding factor in how everything is setup. You want to draw attention to it but not too much attention. This is why people like to place their TVs above or next to fireplaces. Of course, not every living room has a fireplace. In this scenario, you want the biggest piece of furniture you own the be the main attraction. For some people, this is the entertainment center. For others, it’s a sofa. It all depends. And after that, take some time to arrange living room furniture accordingly.

General rule

Once the main focal point is determined, it’s time to start arranging the furniture. As a general rule of thumb, try to have the furniture close but not too close together. Having to shout can make conversations unenjoyable but having no personal space can be uncomfortable. Try not to have furniture up against the wall. Having couches against the wall can make the room feel very compact. You want everyone to have space on all sides making the room feel more comfortable and open.

How can You make your living room comfortable?

The same applies to the space between furniture as well. Making it easy to maneuver creates less traffic. Having a place to put drinks is a nice little addition to have by couches. The key is comfort and a good way to be comfortable is by not having to constantly get up. If you putting tiny tables next to the couches isn’t an option, try having one table nearby. Make sure all of the couches are at least semi-close to the table and make sure at least one is within arms reach.

Where should a lamp be placed in a living room?

Lamps can be tricky. Having it behind the biggest couch can be a good spot. It needs to be in a place that can provide light to the whole room but not be disruptive. Having a couch face directly at a lamp is a bad idea because no one wants to stare at a light. The same thing can be said about placing it near the T.V. The light emitting from the lamp can make viewing what’s on the T.V. screen difficult as the light is in the reflection hindering the view. The safest spot is at or near a corner. This provides excellent light without it being too intrusive.

Ideal Placement

Keep in mind where the windows are as well. Having a view outside can make everything come together. But there are drawbacks associated with this. When it’s sunny outside, the sunlight can also affect the T.V. and the general feel of the room. You want enough light to shine inside, but you don’t want the light to hit people directly in the face. Avoiding this can make people much happier and your living room much more pleasant.