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To decorate your bedroom with white walls, you can hang a framed wall art, a large mirror and even a giant clock. A wood panel would be a perfect item to match your white walls. You can also add shelves, suspensions lights and some decorative cushions. 

Before starting, here is something that we need to share about white walls.

  • White walls are trendy nowadays, making any room look bright and classy.
  • White is a color universally known for peace that can make your bedroom an oasis of tranquility and serenity.
  • Most people prefer the white color for their bedrooms for the reason mentioned above. 
  • With the right choice of lights combined with white walls, your bedroom can stand out and appear bigger than it is.

Let’s find out what the best decorative ideas with white walls are now!

bedroom wall colors with white furniture


It is a scientific fact that our surroundings significantly affect our moods. Therefore, the white walls of your bedroom space need to give off individuality and reflect your personal expression when you wake up or visit your bedroom any time of the day. However, it is not always necessary to buy extravagant decor. You just need to have the correct tools and market sense at your disposal. Let us look at a few creative ideas for decorating bare white walls.


Adding greenery such as wall planters to the white walls is the quirkiest yet trending way to decorate your bedroom walls. The greens add a bit of nature’s touch to the space, giving off Bohemian vibes, which are colorful and cost-effective. Since white is the perfect color to pop out the greens, your bedroom will look brighter and more alive.

You can add plants to the walls, such as climbing vines, lined plants, or hanging pots. You can also keep a shelf designated for indoor planters and pots by putting it in the corner where the plants can receive enough sunlight. However, you must remember to use plants that require minimum care and water if you are not too fond of gardening. 


While painting a white wall in some color is a good idea, adding some mesmerizing texture to it is an excellent way to seal the deal. Nowadays, painting a wall in a single color is just not enough, as it will not give your space any uniqueness. Therefore, play with different colors, and mix and match them to add a fun texture to the bare walls.

However, do not overdo the patterns. Hence, highlighting one wall with your desired texture while leaving the rest in white color is something that we would recommend. Choose neutral and subtle hues like grays and browns if you want a minimalistic look for your room. Make sure not to use many bright colors, which make your bedroom lose its zeal and simplicity.

grey bedroom with white accent wall


If you do not want to add color to your walls by painting, how about adding picture frames? This is a beautiful way to decorate your plain bedroom walls. Putting up portraits of family and friends automatically adds a personal touch to the space, making it more cozy and relaxing.

This method is also cost-effective as you just need to visit the market to buy your desired frames, print out your favorite photos, add them to the frames, and voilà! You can wake up daily to your friends and family quite literally. You can also add pictures of your favorite destinations, quotations, and more to give your bedroom an artsy and homely look.


It is known that adding large mirrors to a room makes it look bigger and brighter, as it reflects the light into every corner of the room. Therefore, reserve one wall, mainly above your bed, to place a big mounted mirror to make your space appear grand and luxurious.

It is a minimalistic yet innovative way of adding life to a plain wall. If you do not want to nail the mirror, you can also lean it against the wall beside your bed. It will serve as the main point of attraction in your room while helping to fill out any empty spaces. However, you must choose a suitable frame with golden hues for elegance and a whimsical feel. 


To make your bedroom walls appear rich and classy, consider hanging a canvas panel on one of your white walls. This will not only add luxury to your room, but adding radiant and bright hues will make your room more colorful and more appealing.

If you do not want too many art pieces cluttering the space, this is a great idea to draw eyes to your room and make it a focal attraction point. If you want to go for a subtle bedroom look, choose something in black-and-white contrast or a dramatic abstract painting, making a bold statement. 

large minimalist wall art


Add large vintage clocks to your bedroom’s white walls to give a Victorian vibe. This is an excellent idea for beautiful wall decoration if you do not want to mount a mirror. If you are a fan of traveling, you can add various wall clocks with different time zones to offer a world map effect, similar to what you see in most hotels.

This idea is innovative, unique, and creative for those who want to keep their space subtle and sophisticated. Clocks with large pendulums are also a great idea to add to the bare walls to add a historical touch to the bedroom.


How about if we tell you that you can make your very own space look royal and plush while staying budget-friendly? Adding a cushion to the wall above the bed is an instant way to revamp your bedroom’s plain wall.

This will make your bedroom appear classy and elegant and add a touch of comfort and luxury to the space. Choose neutral colors or hues to contrast with the head of your bed to give your room grandeur and a sophisticated feel. 


Lighting up your bedroom with more and more lights is the best way to make the room appear open and airy. Notably, natural light comes from the window; when it falls on its white walls, the room feels cozier and brighter. You can also mount fairy lights on the bare walls apart from sunlight in any shape or size. This is the most cost-effective way of lighting up your space without spending on expensive lamps or chandeliers.

Your bedroom will appear warm, beautiful, and chic if you choose the correct lighting. You can also consider adding dramatic lights to create specific zones around your bedroom. This will create a luxurious atmosphere in your room while consuming very little space. Add a huge indoor plant with the lamp for an extra pop of color.

bedroom color schemes with white walls


Putting up shelves on a plain wall is an excellent way to add dimensions. But sometimes, most people are not willing to install anything permanent to their bedroom walls. Therefore, you can consider adding hanging shelves that require a single hook or even can be mounted like a floating shelf. This way, you can keep your walls minimalistic yet innovative, as you can place various decors on them and some delicate lights to make the walls look classy and stylish. 


Adding a single wood panel to a plain white wall never goes out of a trend. Mounting a wood panel on your bed gives off a modern and subtle look to your bedroom. There are various options in wood to choose from, available in many colors. While making your space appear unique, a single wood panel will be a focal attraction point to your bedroom space. Installing small modern lights on the board is also a great idea to keep the bed area lit at night, making it look warm and cozy. 

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