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What if there was a simple trick to elevate the energy of your space so you feel more motivatedexcited, and alert

Well according to Pantone, the industry leader and expert in trending colors, there is!

Pantone released their 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta. 

This vibrant pink-purple hue radiates poweroptimism, and strength

Viva magenta is assertive but not aggressive. 

Magenta is expressive, without restraint or shame. 

It is the color of warriors and fearless leaders who can inspire a crowd with a few words. 

Viva magenta brings the mystical energy and power of the top celebrities and influencers. It exudes confidence and perfection

And one of the easiest ways to harness the poweroptimism, and strength of viva magenta is to incorporate it into your living room design with magenta wall art.

Abstract pattern in bright red-purple pantone 2023 color of the year Viva magenta with white square outline and text explaining the color over the top.

How to Decorate Your Living Room With Magenta Wall Art

Viva magenta is vibrant and bold. It catches eyes and demands attention

Because magenta can be so loud and in-your-face, some find it intimidating to decorate with (especially if you have been working with a low-risk, all-neutral color scheme for years). 

But the reward of the palpable energy increase and influx of over-the-top gushing compliments from having a show-stopping feature of magenta art makes it all worth it.

Huge magenta and teal blue abstract digital painting of the sky hangs above the couch in modern grey minimal living room.

The Best Colors to Pair with Magenta: Jewel Tones or Neutrals

When paired with rich jewel tones, like emerald green or deep sapphire blue, magenta makes your living room feel sophisticated and luxurious. A space fit for royalty

Our interior designers recommend choosing your favorite magenta artwork. Position it above your couch for the focal point in your room. Then decorate with deep greenyellow, or navy blue accents. 

One of the most playful and fun ways to style magenta artwork is hanging it above an emerald green velvet couch with deep golden yellow throw pillows.

Set of two square abstract paintings in magenta hang side by side in living room above green couch.

And if you have been living with a #sadbeige living room for years but are ready to pump up the energy with funvibrant accents…viva magenta is the perfect color. 

Because despite the boldness and vibrancy of magenta, it is a very raw, down-to-Earth color. Paired with deep tans, and light neutral, magenta makes a space feel incredibly warm and welcoming

Simply replace the neutral artwork above your couch with an abstract magenta piece and instantly your space will feel more joyful and energetic.

Man leans over extra large square magenta wall art of abstract mountain range.

Add a Focal Point to Your Neutral Living Room with Magenta Artwork

For years the top decorating trend has been all neutral. Tan rug. White couch. Cream drapes. Your living room is a big, boring, monochrome smudge of bleh. You know when #sadbeige starts to trend people are REALLY getting sick of the “neutral or nothing” aesthetic. 

Finally, we’re breaking through the monotony and elevating the energy of your neutral living room with a pop of the trending color, viva magenta. 

When added to a neutral living room, magenta wall art feels like a tight hug from an old friend. It’s comfortingenergizing, and everything you didn’t know you were missing until the moment you have it. 

The human brain craves color. Magenta artwork hanging above your neutral couch immediately captures attention and draws people in. And once drawn in, magenta creates a space where people feel includedwelcomed, and able to express themselves confidently without restraint.

Extra large magenta wall art stacked against wall in modern neutral living room. Woman stands in front of art looking at top piece, in dark blue and magenta surreal style.

Increase Optimism with Abstract Magenta Art

Hope is one of the greatest motivators to persevere through a difficult situation. 

And magenta is one of the best colors to lift your spirits, helping you feel lighter and more optimistic

The psychology behind magenta tells us why it’s such a powerful mood-boosting color. Magenta contains the passion and power of red but is cooled and balanced by the introspective and calming violet. 

Together, this delicate balance of red and violet creates a color that is strong, joyful, and empowering

So if you have been fighting tooth-and-nail through a difficult time and are clawing your way back to victory, increase your optimism so it’s easier to hang on to hope with abstract magenta art.

Square abstract magenta wall art hangs on white wall above navy blue couch.

Increase Your Energy with Contrasting Yellow and Magenta Art

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon…you are slugging through work, barely able to keep your eyes opened. As desperate as you are for the energy boost from a double-mocha-with-whip, you know the caffeine and sugar won’t exit your system by bedtime. 

And if you drink that much-needed coffee, the vicious cycle of not being able to fall asleep will have you feeling even more like an undead zombie tomorrow. 

The good news is that there are other psychologically proven ways to increase your energy (beyond the obvious…sleeping more). 

Decorating with contrasting colors is a dynamic and effective way to engage your brain, putting you in a more alert state. 

One of the most vibrant and energizing complementary color combinations – yellow and magenta. 

These opposites on the color wheel are both bright colors associated with powerenergy, and optimism. When paired in artwork, magenta and yellow are electrifying

This combo gives your brain the stimulation and pep it desperately needs to keep you awake and energized through an afternoon slump. 

Woman kneels on magenta pink velvet couch and hangs large square wall art featuring magenta pink lips drawn in pop style.

Have More Fun with Vibrant Blue and Magenta Wall Art

You know what they say – girls just wanna have fun! And if there was a universal banner for this phrase, it would be printed on a magenta colored flag. 

Because magenta is one of the most universally symbolic colors of optimismpositivity, and fun

The only way to make magenta even more fun

Pair magenta with a vibrant blue, teal, or turquoise. 

The color combination is reminiscent of a cotton candy sunset over a crystal clear Caribbean sea. It’s brightbolddynamic, and ready to party

If one of your goals is to stop taking life so seriously and have more fun, decorate with vibrant blue and magenta wall art. Your space will radiate electric energy that will help you enjoy the little moments in life more.

Set of three magenta and dark blue artworks featuring neon signs hang above neutral couch in modern woman's living room.

Without a doubt, the color experts at Pantone picked the color of the year for 2023 that we all desperately need. 

Magenta lights up a room and fills it with joy and optimism

It commands attention while being agreeable and respectful

Magenta is bright and vibrant, keeping us alert and energized

It brings warmth and richness, so we feel closer and more connected

And with the stress, turmoil, and difficulties humanity has faced, we need a color that will help lift us up and fill us with hope

Find the perfect piece of magenta wall art, designed by today’s top artists, to elevate your living room’s energy so you feel fearless and strong