bedroom wall decor mirror
Image credit: A Side of Style

Mirrors are not only timeless, they can be placed anywhere to make a room seem bigger and filled with character. As decor, this combination of function and beauty is anything but garden variety, so for dramatic feels go big like Gatsby!

summer bedroom wall decor
ADD A DASH OF DRAMA: with ‘Summer Evening’

Creating drama in your decor isn’t always about being bleak, nor is it simply black or white. A cacophony of colours make for stunning and eye-catching bedroom wall decor.

dreamy bedroom wall decor
IN YOUR DREAMS: go stargazing ‘Under The Milky Way’

Are you one to dream of the moonlit sky or get caught up in the whimsy of a magical evening? Your bedroom is the ideal place to let your personality shine, so fortify your fantasies with a pictorial tale. Show, don’t tell!

bedroom wall decor wallpaper
Image credit: Simon Bevan

There’s no denying that wallpaper used to be daggy. But these days you can source exquisite and striking wallpaper designs to add a dash of drama to your sanctuary with style and flair.

floral bedroom wall decor
Image credit: Instagram

Think floral patterns in the bedroom are just for grannies? Think again! The new style of floral wallpapers and murals are bang on trend, creating dramatic and dreamy vibes without a hint of chintz.