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white bathroom with black accents
 Louis Duncan-He

White remains a popular color for bathrooms, regardless of shape, size, or home style. If you’re looking to design a white bathroom of your own, you’ve come to the right place. The following 22 rooms are full of decorating inspiration as it pertains to tile choices, hardware, and much more. White bathrooms are by no means boring—there’s truly so much you can do with such a space!

  • 01of 22Make It Luxewhite marble bathroom Wendy Concannon for Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture & InteriorsThere’s nothing like a marble bathroom! This one is luxurious looking and makes taking a bath feel like even more of a treat thanks to its “fancy hotel bathroom” vibes.
  • 02of 22Install Subway Tilewhite bathtub and white walls Wendy Concannon for Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture & Interiors White subway tile continues to have a major moment and is great for the bathroom. You can always tile just half of your walls if you crave a two-toned look.
  • 03of 22Say Yes to Silverwhite bathroom with oval mirror Louis Duncan-He We see many white bathrooms with gold accents, but silver is just as viable of an option. Don’t be shy about choosing silver when it comes to mirrors, sconces, and of course, hardware.
  • 04of 22Keep It Clutter Freewhite bathroom with black hardware Louis Duncan-He The little details matter in the bathroom, particularly in an all-white space where even the slightest amount of clutter will be more noticeable. Installing shelves within your shower to match the hardware looks much nicer than keeping shampoo bottles and other essentials directly on the ground.
  • 05of 22Add Some Greenerywhite bathroom with black accents Louis Duncan-He Black accents look nice and sleek in this white bathroom. If you’re worried about a black-and-white space appearing too stark, you can always soften things with some plant life—here, a vase as well as a potted plant help to bring the outdoors in and add life to this bathroom.
  • 06of 22Experiment With Paintwhite bathroom with soft gray walls Interior Impressions If your tub, countertops, and doors are white but you’re craving a small dose of color, think about painting your bathroom walls a light blue or gray. This allows for some variety without veering too far from the color white.
  • 07of 22Go Geowhite bathroom with arched mirror Interior Impressions Even if you don’t plan to draw a variety of colors into your bathroom, you can still experiment with shapes. Hang an arched mirror, for instance, or swap out builder-grade light fixtures for more geometric-looking options.
  • 08of 22Try Some Soft Wallpaperwhite bathroom with gray and white wallpaper Interior Impressions If you aren’t one for bare walls, install a wall covering rooted in white. Here, a floral pattern is equal parts relaxing and glam. You definitely don’t have to cover all four of your bathroom walls to make a statement, either. Opting for an accent wall is always a possibility.
  • 09of 22Add Beautiful Wainscotingwhite symmetrical bathroom Interior Impressions There’s nothing wrong with a symmetrical look. This traditional style bathroom features beautiful wainscoting complete with picture frame molding, which adds a touch of luxury to the space.
  • 10of 22Make a Statement With Marblewhite bathroom with brass accents Interior Impressions Marble built-in benches on either side of this bathtub make it easy to relax while being able to reach for a drink or magazine easily. You could even place a few potted plants nearby to make your bathroom feel more greenhouse-like.
  • 11of 22Pay Attention to Balancewhite bathroom with black shower Interior Impressions A black metal mirror complements the black shower in this otherwise white bathroom, making the space feel more complete. It’s all in the balance. This tip can be tested with other colors and finishes as well.
  • 12of 22Let Natural Light Shinewhite bathroom with woven rug Erin Williamson Design This white bathroom is full of natural sunlight, which is the main attraction and truly speaks for itself. There’s nothing wrong with keeping accessories or artwork to a minimum in the bathroom; you can soak in the tub distraction-free while pretending you’re at your favorite high-end spa.
  • 13of 22Be a Little Playfulwhite bathroom with heart pattern tiles Erin Williamson Design By all means, add some playfulness to your all-white bathroom. Here, a heart-shaped tile backsplash couldn’t be cuter. Go ahead and embrace your whimsical side!
  • 14of 22Keep It Naturalwhite bathroom with clawfoot tub Cathie Hong Interiors Those who are drawn to natural tones and warm, earthy elements will feel right at home in this bathroom. Light wooden pieces will fit into a white bathroom perfectly.
  • 15of 22Go Bold With Lightingwhite bathroom with sconces Cathie Hong Interiors Keeps in mind that you can most definitely get creative when it comes to bathroom lighting. Whether you opt for a funky chandelier or special sconces (or in the case of this bathroom, both of the above), there’s no reason you can’t add style to what is a primarily utilitarian space.
  • 16of 22Try a Fun Twist on Pendantswhite and gold bathroom Kern & Co This large bathroom is contemporary and stylish thanks to the brass accents that are scattered throughout the space. And this is another example of getting creative with lighting. Here, the designer opted for small brass pendants in lieu of traditional sconces.
  • 17of 22Incorporate Some Soft Bluewhite bathroom with blue accents Kern & Co If you’re looking for a hue to use alongside white in your bathroom, a soft blue is always a safe bet. This bathroom is mostly white, but the thoughtfully placed blue tiles add to the space’s serenity.
  • 18of 22Include a Bit of Shiplapshiplap in bathroom JK Interior Living Chic gold accents shine in this small white bathroom. The shiplap walls add a touch of farmhouse design to the space—even a decade after shiplap began to be commonplace, it remains a popular choice for rooms of all kinds.
  • 19of 22Opt for an Expansive Vanitylarge white vanity JK Interior Living An expansive vanity takes center stage in this primary bathroom. When designing a bathroom from scratch, you will definitely want to keep storage needs top of mind. An oversized vanity makes getting ready for the day super simple.
  • 20of 22Add Some Charmwhite bathroom with wallpaper Ashley Montgomery Design This bathroom is mostly white, but there’s no missing the charming wallpaper and soft wooden mirror. Just because you’re looking to make white the primary color in your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to pass up on other hues entirely; it’s all about moderation.
  • 21of 22Keep Accessories Simplewhite tub with marble walls Gray Space Interiors This bathroom just screams “luxe” thanks to the marble wall paneling and sunken, inviting tub. Simple bath accessories and hardware finish the look without detracting from this space’s modern vibe.
  • 22of 22Maximize Storage Solutionssmall white bathroom Desiree Burns This bathroom is small but sweet. White paint helps the space to feel more expansive, and the addition of accessories gives this compact room some personality. Placing a storage basket under the sink, as was done here, is an excellent way to maximize every square foot of a petite powder room.

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