whimsical bedroom wall decor
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Balance the grind of everyday life by creating a fantastical escape in your bedroom. For lovers of make believe, there’s never been a better time to trick up your room with whimsical elements like fairy lights, tulle and unusual wall decor.

bedroom wall decor blackboard
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You’ll want to treat this one like a fun art project that the whole family can get involved in. The best thing about using blackboard paint as bedroom wall decor is that as soon as you get bored with it, you can rub it out and start all over again!

fantasy bedroom wall decor
SLEEP EASY: drift away on the ‘The Dreamboat’

Want to drift away in a boat of your fancy to a land where your troubles can’t bother you?  The haven of a bedroom tailored to your every whim is just what you need.

art deco bedroom wall decor
EVENING PREENING: create an atmospheric escape with ‘Flamingo Moon’

Evoking twilight moods, this art print is great for the art deco lover as well as the fantasy art enthusiast. Particularly if you love a bit of a brooding atmosphere in your bedroom.

boho bedroom wall decor
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