Be it choice of colour, fabric, patterns, lighting, or furniture placement – with the slightest of alterations, design can considerably change the look of a space. Honestly, if you think there are stringent rules to follow for interior decoration, there aren’t any. You need to follow your instinct taste and, most importantly, work around the space you already have. So, take your pick from these simple ideas and go all out for an exciting transformation of your space.
Photograph Courtesy: House of Rugs.Interior Decoratio by house of rugs.

1. A White on White Bedroom

If your bedroom starts appearing dull and unattractive, the quickest trick would be to go all white. Pristine and peaceful, you will surely love this bright and airy, all-white vibe – white floor, white bed, white furnishings, white lighting, and to add to the mood, do not miss to top it all fragrant white flowers.
Photograph Courtesy: Essentia Environments.Photograph by Essentia Environments.

2. Bar code

A home bar is an attractive interior decoration addition in the living area. You can easily explore different designs, colours, and materials. In context to materials and keeping your budget in mind, you can opt for wooden, metal, steel, marble, leather or even stone. Depending on the space you have, you can plan an elaborate bar or a freestanding cabinet, but do not forget to add quirky or high counter bar stools. Go for mood and task lighting while entertaining the guests for a more dramatic look.
Photograph Courtesy: House of Rugs.Interior Decorations by house of rugs.
Photograph Courtesy: Sans Souci.Interior Decoration at Sans Souci.
Photograph Courtesy: MADS Creations.Interior Decoration at MADS Creations.

3. Bring in the outdoors

If there is a space constraint and you still yearn for green space, then hanging garden is just right for you. You can begin with grouping either a single plant variety or even the same and hang them at different levels for a striking effect. For a quirky look, ditch the regular pots and containers and try decorating your plants on cups, an old cycle or even an old kitchen trolly. The idea is to go vivid with your imagination and let the space speak for itself.
Photograph Courtesy: Indigenus available at Sources Unlimited.Interior Decoration by Indigenus.

4. Cheap and Chic

While decorating your house, splurging is not always necessary. All you need to do is be a bit creative and explore products that you can easily find from flea-market, junk, or second-hand stores.
Photograph Courtesy: Ellementry.Interior Decoration by Ellementry.

5. Create an interesting display

Be it books or accessories, create a clean display that looks good. Go for open shelves that will stack all the prized possessions you have in order and can also turn out to give a spectacular look to the space. You can also create a photo wall that will provide a personal touch with your favourite collection of pictures on display. You can get images framed in a similar manner for consistency though they might vary in size.
Maxalto available at Scala Home.Interior Decoration Maxalto.