The biggest challenge we face, especially in metro cities, is the sizes of the homes we live in. The more advanced the city, the tinier the homes get, owing to population and price hikes. In several homes, especially in India, living rooms are where the entire family unwinds together after a day’s worth of work, entertains guest, or even have their meals together. In other homes, living rooms double up as studies and/or dining areas as well. With that said, it is easy to be disheartened when designing a compact room but if you get innovative with small living room ideas, you can transform that matchbox looking space to a luxurious abode with easy and quick fixes. Are you willing to do that? If so, it is up to you not to let your small living room pinch your style which you can achieve with the help of these helpful, yet easy small living room ideas.
A beautiful subtle hued living room by Ottimo. Subtle hued living room by Ottimo.

10 Small Living Room Ideas to Enhance your Lifestyle

Now you don’t have to skimp on your decorating dreams just because you have a fun-sized room. With these 5 effective small living room ideas, you can get the dream home that you always wanted, because as they say, size doesn’t matter!
Small, yet elegant. – Living room design by Sources Unlimited.Small yet elegant living room.

1. Be a minimalist

We usually tend to fill up the room with items that are not necessarily required. Throw out the large couches and extravagant furniture items, replacing them for sleek ones. Glass top coffee tables, modular sofas and puffees instead of armchairs can be used to create the required seating space without cluttering up the living room. Additionally, you can also completely make do without a towering tv unit that takes up space and keep a small shelf right under a wall-mounted tv. If you can go minimalistic, your room will look maximalistic. This is one small living room idea that practically takes no effort whatsoever.
Keep it simple with a neutral color palette. Living room designed by Aparna Kaushik.Small Living room ideas by Aparna Kaushik.
Less is more. – Living room designed by Sources Unlimited.small living room ideas by sources unlimited.

2. Stick to a monochromatic color palette

Creating an extremely chic small living room has a lot to do with its color palette. Neutral and monochromatic colors give the room a light and spacious look. Dark and bold colors tend to look stark, cutting into the height and width of the space. Ensure that all the tones are within the same color spectrum, thus, creating a seamless flow throughout the room. Lighter toned sofas, light flooring, rugs, tabletops – you get the gist.
Monochromes go a long way. – Living room designed by Purple Backyard.Small living room ideas Monochrome design.
A dash of blue adds a color pop to the otherwise neutral colored living room designed by Immensa K.small living room ideas with neutral color with blue outbursts.

3. Add textures

Punching up any neutral or monochromatic color theme, textures are a great way of adding an element of intricate design. This can come in the form of textured wall paint, wallpaper, rugs and small furniture inlays. Ribbed ceramic lamps, wicker baskets instead of side tables, etched glass elements in tabletops or cabinet shutters will also extend a spunky touch to the overall space.
Textures can come in many forms – walls, furniture, ceilings, etc. Living room design by ADND. Adding texture to small living room.
A stark wallpaper can be a great way to add texture. Living room design by Shweta Jain.Add Wallpaper to the small living room.

4. Use flexible furniture

When you are tight on your square footage, make the most of your small living room with smaller and multi-use furniture. A love seat can carve out a cozy spot for two, eliminating a regular two-seater sofa. End tables that can double up as a shelving to display show pieces or even add as a library will do the trick. Side tables can also act as cabinets with storage such as bar storage, book storage etc. Flexible furniture plays an integral role in adding storage to a living room – an absolute requirement in most homes across the world, and even more so in a smaller home with space constraints.
These centre tables and stackable side tables can provide multiple use when needed. – Living room designed by Minnie Bhatt. stackable side tables add space in small living rooms.
A side table that doubles up as a bar unit – a perfect example of flexible furniture. – Designed by StudioPM.Side table that doubles up as a bar unit in small living room ideas.
The arm rest of this sofa has in-built storage space. – Sources Unlimited.small living room with sofa built with storage within armrest.

5. Tear open the walls

If you can, one of the best small living room ideas involves breaking walls wherever necessary to open up the area. If your living, dining, and kitchen are in different rooms, you can break the walls and make an open kitchen-dining concept. This not only enlarges the entire living room, but also helps in smooth functionality. People can pass food from the kitchen quickly when in a rush and the counter can double up as a bar space for when you are entertaining. The same counter can also be used as a dining table for informal meals and if you are a small family, couple, or a single person, you can completely make do without the dining table all together. So, tear open those walls and allow your room to breathe!
Tear open those walls and leave your spaces looking larger-then-life.- Living room design by Sources Unlimited.Small Living room ideas by Sources Unlimited.
An open living-kitchen area with wicker baskets for storage. – Invigorate Designs.