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Take a second to look up at your ceiling. Is it totally plain and painted a simple white hue? Well, you can change that—by no means does your ceiling have to be boring! Decorated ceilings are everywhere as of late, and they add so much intrigue to any room. Whether you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom, you’ll want to take a look at the 22 creative and stylish ceiling decoration ideas below. They all make a major statement and prove that there’s no need to steer away from wallpaper, paint, shiplap, and so much more.

  • 01of 22Keep It Scandinavianwood beam ceilings Benjamin JohnstonA simple wooden ceiling adds a Scandinavian look to this contemporary home. To draw the eye upwards, consider installing an eye-catching light fixture like the one that is pictured here. It’s perfectly modern and complements the style of the house perfectly.
  • 02of 22Design Around Your Beamsbeamed ceilings with wallpaper Benjamin JohnstonOf course, beams don’t need to be left in their natural state. Consider painting them and painting or installing wallpaper around them for added glam. Here, a sky-blue ceiling adds a serene touch to this sleep space.
  • 03of 22Get Happywallpapered ceiling with pattern Creative Tonic Go ahead and have a little fun! This whimsical room features scalloped pieces and bright colors, so it’s only natural that the ceiling contains a little pep, too. Geometric wallpaper brings even more character into the space.
  • 04of 22Make It Luxe With Lacquerblue lacquered ceiling Creative TonicA lacquered ceiling like this one is moody and sophisticated. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with color and go bold—this space is most certainly a showstopper.
  • 05of 22Say Yes to Shiplapshiplapped ceiling Creative Tonic Shiplap remains popular and it makes this spacious kitchen appear even more airy and welcoming. You could paint the shiplap in the hue of your choosing, of course, but there is definitely nothing wrong with plain white.
  • 06of 22Mix It Uppattern contrast on ceiling Creative Tonic Pattern mixing is A-OK, so even if the print that is featured on your ceiling is fairly different than what’s on your floors, so be it! Plus, powder bathrooms like this one are all about taking design risks and doing something a little unexpected; you can easily section them off from the rest of the home, after all.
  • 07of 22Wallpaper Just a Bitwallpapered portion of ceiling Creative Tonic Why wallpaper your entire ceiling when you can just tackle a portion of it? Here, the rounded portion of this tall bathroom ceiling gets a little extra love in the form of a sweet starry wallpaper print.
  • 08of 22Go Green Everywheregreen painted ceiling Creative Tonic This bathroom is having a major green moment, and the ceiling is most definitely participating. Who wouldn’t want to get ready for the day in such a vibrant, inviting space?
  • 09of 22Prioritize a Special Portionwallpapered portion of tall ceiling Elizabeth Krueger Design Once again, we see a small instance where just a portion of the ceiling is wallpapered. Here, a turret-like area is jazzed up with some feminine wallpaper that really brings this section of the room to life.
  • 10of 22Go Rusticweathered wood ceiling Kara Childress Farmhouse design lovers, this one’s for you. A weathered wooden ceiling gives this rustic kitchen plenty of personality and is so gorgeous and earthy looking, complementing the stone walls wonderfully.
  • 11of 22Tile It Upformal tiled ceiling Kara ChildressFancy tile on the ceiling of this formal living room takes the space to the next level by adding an intricate touch that’s sure to catch your eye. This grand parlor takes us back to centuries past.
  • 12of 22Use Moody Bluesmoody wallpapered ceiling Kara Childress Feeling a bit moody? Go ahead and embrace it by playing with shades of blue all over your space. A muddled blue ceiling matches the walls without being 100 percent matching.
  • 13of 22Keep Wallpaper Goingwallpaper continued onto ceiling Lucinda Loya Interiors If you love a certain wallpaper pattern, there’s no need to stop with it when the walls end. Continue and wallpaper your ceiling so that your bedroom feels like a darling jewel box.
  • 14of 22Admire the Cloudsclouds painted on ceiling Lucinda Loya Interiors Clouds on the ceiling are just too cute, whether in a child’s room or even in an adult’s space. This setup is actually in a bathroom, meaning that you can sit back in the tub and pretend you’re enjoying a dip outdoors. If you’re artistic, you could even paint clouds like these yourself!
  • 15of 22Paint It Blackblack ceiling Lucinda Loya InteriorsA black ceiling is always a wow-worthy touch. If your ceiling is older and has seen some wear, black paint can also help to hide any ultra-visible flaws. It’s a win-win.
  • 16of 22Embrace the Contrastcontrast on ceiling Lucinda Loya InteriorsWho doesn’t love a little bit of contrast from time to time? Pink and brown make for a fab pairing and add a touch of glamour and vintage charm to this bedroom. Brown and white curtains help to solidify the look.
  • 17of 22Pick Two Fave Patternsstriped ceiling Lucinda Loya Interiors If you really just can’t choose between two totally different patterns, you can always consider placing one print on the walls and another on the ceiling. Maximalists, you’ll be all over this powder room! Just look at the too-cool black and white stripes above.
  • 18of 22Don’t Forget About Functionslatted ceiling with track lighting Mohon Interiors Curved ceilings in a loft feature slatted wood that’s sleek, minimalist, and modern. Track lighting provides a practical function while meshing with the design flawlessly.
  • 19of 22Incorporate a Honeycomb Designhoneycomb style ceiling Benjamin Johnston A honeycomb-style ceiling adds an artful touch to a living room. Of course, it could always be painted in two or three different colors for a funkier result. Decisions, decisions…
  • 20of 22Try a Traytray ceiling Creative Tonic Tray ceilings  are quite common, and this one is pretty simple, featuring shades of gray that are carried elsewhere throughout this family-friendly gathering space. Gray adds so much coziness to any room, making it great for a lounge area.
  • 21of 22Let the Light Shine Inwhite tray ceiling Elizabeth Krueger Design White tray ceilings look right at home in a sunlit living room and allow natural light to be the main focus of the space. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic if that’s the look you prefer.
  • 22of 22Think Organicwood beamed ceiling Elizabeth Krueger Design Beamed ceilings in a long hallway contribute to this home’s California cool design. The addition of other organic materials, such as wicker plant pots, keeps the aesthetic going.

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