when most of us outfit our bedrooms, we tend to stock up on classic finds like headboards, linens, and nightstands. And in the process of getting our eye-level aesthetic just right, we neglect to do something very simple: look up.

Though the ceiling may not be the first thing we see when we walk into a room, it can have a major impact on a space—and lighting fixtures can make or break the décor schemes we so carefully curated. Nothing kills the mood like a tacky lighting fixture in a thoughtfully styled room, and too often, the fixtures we inherited when moving in just don’t suit the tone of the space.

Thankfully, we’re rarely stuck with the lights we already have. We can trade our overhead lights for more stylish options, like wireless sconces and stunning table lamps, which don’t even require the trouble of rewiring a fixture. Options abound in the lighting space, so you can easily curate a set-up that meets your needs, your aesthetic preferences, and your budget.

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Load Up on Statement-Makers

A modern bedroom with sleek pendant lights and a bold geometric chandelier

Most bedrooms contain more than one lighting fixture: a chandelier over your bed, a table lamp on your nightstand, and maybe even a floor lamp in a bare corner. All of them can be as bold as you want them to be, so stock up on statement-makers and display them from floor to ceiling.02of 31

Mix and Match

Coordinating your lighting fixtures can be a great way to make your space feel balanced and cohesive, but it’s not the only option on offer. If you’d prefer a more varied approach, try pairing a sleek floor lamp with a contemporary sconce—and throwing in a woven chandelier for good measure.

If you’re worried about all that variety overwhelming your space, restrain your lighting fixture palette to 1 or 2 colors

Make Space for Unusual Finds

A bedroom with a bold geometric table lamp

If you come across a statement-maker you can’t stop staring at, buy it—and then make room for it in your space. The geometric table lamp can absolutely transform your bedroom. All you need to do is give it a little space to shine.

Commit to a Palette With Your Accents

A bedroom with a geometric chandelier and a more classic table lamp

An easy way to make your space feel harmonious? Color-coordinate your accents. Match your curtain rods to your door hinges, your door hinges to your picture frames, and your picture frames to your lighting fixtures.

Blend Old and New

A bedroom with a geometric chandelier and two ceramic table lamps

If your space is filled with a mix of contemporary and antique pieces, why not buy lighting fixtures to match? Put classic ceramic table lamps on your nightstands, and hang a bold chandelier from your ceiling.

There’s no reason all your lighting has to come from the same era. In fact, a mix-and-match approach can make your space feel dynamic and striking.

Keep Your Palette In Mind

An all-gray bedroom with sleek silver sconces

If you’ve carefully curated a monochromatic space, don’t let your lighting disrupt it. Instead, stock up on fixtures that cement it even more.

Sleek silver scones can make your all-gray-everything aesthetic even more obvious, and since they’re metallic, they might even add a dose of dynamic texture to your space.

Stock Up on Bold Table Lamps

A minimalist bedroom with two geometric table lamps

Don’t feel like swapping out the lighting in your ceiling? No problem. Let more flexible pieces—like table lamps—do the work for you.

A bold table lamp can make a major statement in your space, and two bold table lamps can take your décor scheme even further.

Balance Texture With Low-Profile Pieces

A modern bedroom with a woven sconce

Modern design is known for its bold lines and sleek silhouettes—but that doesn’t mean texture is totally off-limits. If you’ve found a woven sconce you love, hang it from your wall, then balance it out by filling your space with sleeker, more contemporary pieces.

Invest in Statement-Making Sconces

An all-gray bathroom with vibrant gold sconces

When many of us hear the phrase “bedroom lighting,” sconces aren’t necessarilythe first thing that comes to mind. But, they can make a sleek addition to any bedroom—not to mention, an incredibly practical one, too.

If you’re looking to free up space on your nightstand or to forgo having a nightstand entirely, consider mounting a couple of striking sconces on your wall.