Time to give every room in your home a makeover because the Art Deco style is making a fashionable comeback! With our Art Deco decor ideas, the roaring ’20s and ’30s are only a redo away.

If there’s one interior trend that can completely transform a home, it’s none other than Art Deco. It’s one of the most iconic and recognizable interior design styles. OK, maybe I’m being biased since Art Deco is one of my favorite styles, but who wouldn’t fall in love with the traditional luxury look of homes from the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s? Art Deco is characterized by bold color, decadent detailing, geometric patterns, metallic finishes, symmetrical designs, and tons of visual drama, like a scene out of The Great Gatsby.

What is Art Deco Interior Style?

By definition, Art Deco, also called depression moderne or style moderne, refers to the major interior style of the 1920s until the 1940s. It’s defined by bold geometric patterns with hard angles, gold and steel decor, and a variety of expensive materials that only the rich can afford during that time. However, today, designers are giving Art Deco design a modern twist that anyone can afford.

Here are our Art Deco decor ideas that will give your home a cosmopolitan and sophisticated feel.


Create a Contrast With Contemporary Pieces

Pure Art Deco design can make a space look busy and heavy because the style is mostly bold colors and shiny furniture pieces, which most of us won’t dig that type of theme into our homes. So to make an Art Deco space feel cohesive and light, we suggest that you create contrast by combining more contemporary pieces, such as vases or wall art.

Create Faux Moldings

Next on our Art Deco decor ideas is to DIY moldings. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the key features of Art Deco, faux moldings can transform boring door frames. Paint them in a contrasting color, and you have yourself an artsy and elegant Art Deco entrance.

Decorate the Floor

Yes, don’t forget to look down. Art Deco floors are typically black and white tiles, lacquered floors, or are made of marble with abstract designs similar to the image above. However, that’s moderately expensive, but you can recreate the look with a cheap but chic geometric designed rug.

DIY Art Deco Elements

Adding on our Art Deco decor ideas is to DIY Art Deco elements, such as painting an arch designed headboard. It has that Art Deco feel, but it also look modern and playful because of the paint colors used.

Fake 1920s Accents

Original Art Deco accents are difficult to find, and if ever you find one, it will cost you a LOT. Since this trend comes and goes, it’s impractical to spend so much, so we suggest that you recreate Art Deco accents with materials that won’t break the bank. For example, bold stripes can be recreated with black and white paint and a stencil or tape. For the decorations, you can search at thrift stores and repaint them.

Go Glam With Lighting

Next on our Art Deco decor ideas list is to add a bit of sparkle in every room in your home since Art Deco was a period of elegant and unique lighting that uses a variety of finishes to create a futuristic effect. For small spaces, we suggest that you use a simple Art Deco lighting and gloss paint on your walls to create the illusion of a brighter and capacious room.

Go Monochromatic

To achieve the Art Deco style in your home, use deep and rich colors, such as black, dark blue, emerald green, and gold. You can also go for lighter colors, such as beige, silver, and white. Just remember to stick to a monochromatic palette and avoid floral or plaid patterns.

Incorporate Arch Designs and Geometric Shapes

Arch designs and geometric shapes are some of the major elements of Art Deco. We have mentioned the arch designed headboard as one of our Art Deco decor ideas. However, Art Deco isn’t just about arches, it’s also about using geometric shapes, such as circles and spheres in your furniture pieces, which creates a futuristic look.

Incorporate Brass Elements

Nothing screams luxurious more than brass, chrome, and silver details. It can be used everywhere, from your drawer handles to your dining room chairs and light fixtures. To make the space look more expensive, combine it with an elegant color palette, such as black, gold, and white.

Mix Patterns & Textures

Another key feature of Art Deco is bold patterns, such as branches and feathers, stylized animals and nudes, and sunbursts and jagged. You can see these pattern samples on the ceiling, floor, and walls. Nowadays, Art Deco patterns can be seen in fabrics, soft furnishings, and upholstery. For example, abstract design in a black and white rug.

More is Always Better

Art Deco style is all about making a glamorous statement, and to achieve that, your design should always lean on the maximalist side. For example, using six brass pendant lights is so much better compared to one brass pendant light. To really upgrade the whole vibe of the space, combine it with concrete walls and granite floors. However, don’t get too excited about designing your space. Remember that you need to consider composition when decorating your home with this style, or it might feel and look chaotic.

Art Deco style is certainly not a look for modest dwellers, but if you want to add a touch of eclectic glamour into your home, you can do it by following our Art Deco decor ideas. Even a simple arch mirror or glamorous chandelier can be considered as Art Deco. It always depends on your decision on how luxurious you want to make your simple space look like a home of The Great Gatsby.