Design a breezy, seaside-inspired look with these New Mediterranean decor ideas. It’s like a home-away-from-home without leaving your doorstep.

Quarantine got us obsessing over the New Mediterranean style because aside from the fact that we are bored, and we can’t remember the last time we had a real vacation, this interior style feels incredibly refreshing and new to all of us. It has a coastal vibe with a minimalist appeal that we’re instantly sold.


What is New Mediterranean Style?

New Mediterranean is similar to the coastal but with an exotic twist. It’s inspired by the traditional characteristics of Mediterranean homes with a modern twist, such as it focuses on creating a bold, minimalist, and warm space. It’s full of different textures and natural finishes. The New Mediterranean interior feels like the sunny romance of Spain, the abundance of warm colors of Italy, the marine freshness of Greece, and the spices of Morocco.

So if you’re looking for a new interior style that can transform your home (and possibly transport your mind to Europe), read on to see our New Mediterranean decor ideas.


Bring Nature Inside

One of the key features of the New Mediterranean is to decorate your home with classic botanicals or vining plants like the Hoya plant, Philodendron, Pothos, and Spider plant. Apart from the fact that houseplants brighten and cheer your place, it also makes a natural complement to the New Mediterranean style. It’s best if you can plant them in rustic, imperfect pots to really nail the Mediterranean look.


Decorate With Terra Cotta

The New Mediterranean style is abundant in warm colors, and one of the most popular colors used is earthy terra cotta hues. It could be earthenware tiles, handmade ceramics, or home accents and accessories that add texture and perfectly capture the New Mediterranean style.


Embrace Archways

Adding to our list of New Mediterranean decor ideas is the trademark of the New Mediterranean style: archways. Since this style is strongly influenced by elements from other cultures like Moroccan, Spanish, and Turkish, you will notice that these archways are designed with ceramics, glass, and mosaic elements.


Go for Natural Materials

Next, our list of New Mediterranean decor ideas is to create a warm space by using natural materials, such as rattan furniture, wood, and stone. For example, add rattan baskets for storage purposes, wood beam ceilings made of burled and rough-hewn wood, or stone walls ideally describes the Mediterranean look.


Mix It Up

The New Mediterranean style can feel a bit like you’re living in a historic replica villa, so we strongly advise you to mix up Art Deco and modern pieces with this style to create contrast and to make the space look visually interesting. Don’t worry because the New Mediterranean goes well with any interior style as long as it shares the same key features: natural textures and a neutral color palette.


Opt for Unique Items

By unique items, it means that these pieces deserve to be shown off because it’s OOAK (one-of-a-kind). It could be an artisan-made item or even a DIYed decor that you’re proud of. The point is personal touches are what make any house a home, and if that defines who you are, then go ahead, show it off.


Perfectly Imperfect Paint Jobs

Adding to our list of New Mediterranean decor ideas is to create white-washed walls. This is a signature style of the New Mediterranean as it adds character and contrast to the neutral color palette. Moreover, it makes your home look bright and warm.


Texture, Texture, Texture

Texture is king when it comes to the New Mediterranean style. Besides the fact that it makes the space feel warm, it also helps breathe new life into your ceiling and walls without changing too much.


Think Neutral

Yes, we know, but it wouldn’t hurt to add an unexpected burst of color to your simple palette to bring life to the space like this living room by Mandy Cheng Design. However, if you simply want to keep the space simple, go for bright neutrals and wood furniture to achieve the Mediterranean feel.

We just want to add to our list of New Mediterranean decor ideas is to go for a minimalist approach and natural elements. Remember that the New Mediterranean is all about earthy tones, whitewashed walls, and colorful fabrics with light simple patterns.