Scandinavian & Californian interior styles are a marriage made in heaven. Check out these Scandifornian decor ideas that will never go out of style.

I have been surfing Instagram and Pinterest over the last couple of months, and I began to notice an interior style that’s a mix of Cali-boho vibes, but it also looks Scandinavian. Kids, that’s how I met Scandifornian. Whoever thought of this interior design is a real genius!

Clean lines and sleek silhouettes of furniture pieces, combined with tactile fabrics and warm color tones. It’s a home that I’d be okay with getting stuck in for months.


What is Scandifornian Style?

Characterized for its simplistic Scandinavian vibes combined strong mid-century modern decor and organic and vintage elements. Scandifornian is often cloaked as minimal bohemian because it focuses on creating a calming and light space.

So if a relaxed home of little California vibes mixed with a little Scandinavian is your ideal style, check out these Scandifornian decor ideas. Trust us, it will make staying at home tolerable.

A Restrained Palette

Scandifornian has a restrained color palette. Similar to the Scandinavian style, the color palette would consist of a lot of black, white, and neutrals. However, since it also has Cali-boho vibes, these neutrals will be paired with a rich, warm, and often muted palettes like Desert Modern or Southwestern style. For example, mustard, rust, and lots of white.

Blonde Wood

One of the Scandifornian decor ideas that you will surely love: to use blonde wood or whitewood, from the floors to the furniture. For example, birch and maple. You can also use ash or hickory since it appears blond in color. Aside from the fact that it can make your space look stylish and warm, you won’t regret designing your home with wood materials since it’s one of the decor trends that will never go out of style.

Classic Mid-Century Details

Another noticeable character of the Scandifornian style is mid-century modern materials, such as brass, terrazzo, and walnut. Additionally, you will also notice the big windows, open living spaces, rock fireplaces, and wood paneling made of blonde wood or white wood.

Clean Lines

To successfully design a Scandifornian home, we have three words for you: tone it down… a lot. OK, that’s five, but you get our point. To avoid that bohemian, eclectic cluttered look, go for the minimalist or Scandinavian approach. This is also one of the Scandifornian decor ideas that designers use to guide them.

Lots of Natural Light

If you thought that Scandifornian enthusiasts love natural light, better think again. They are obsessed with natural light that imitates sunny California. Again, think big windows and open living spaces to nail the look.

Organic Elements

Adding to our list of Scandifornian decor ideas is to use organic elements. Yes, we’re talking about materials made of jute, linen, rattan, and sisal to create a bright, earthy, natural, and warm space.

White Walls

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to call it a Scandifornian home without white walls and ceiling. Clean, white background similar to the Scandinavian style. This is also one of the reasons why the space looks bright and crisp. Combine it with natural elements, and you have yourself a Scandifornian place even if you’re 3000 miles away.

Our Scandifornian decor ideas are perfect with any interior style, whether it’s a bit of bohemian, coastal, industrial, or mid-century modern. Just remember to keep it simple to create a relaxing space. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Wallcorner’s blog. Happy decorating!