Want to know a secret of choosing the best nursery wall decor? When we decorate rooms for our kids, we try to do our best to make them living in not only in comfortable, but also beautiful surroundings. That’s why, it’s important to choose the kids’ room decor with much care.

Today, we’d like to share some tips with you as well as some cute ideas of wall decor, which will look astonishing in both boy’s and girl’s room.

Tips on Choosing Wall Decor for Nursery

Hot Air Baloon Wall Decor for Baby Room

Hot Air Baloon Wall Decor for Baby Room

Here are some tips on how to choose wall decor for baby room, which you need to take into account before shopping for the adornments.

– Pick up a theme. It’s so cool when a nursery is dedicated to a certain theme. The themes for baby girl nursery wall decor differ from the ones for boys, but there are some variants, which suit both girls and boys. For example, nautical nursery wall decor is universal for both genders as well as the themes with animals.

– Don’t concentrate on “babyish” art. Of course, wall art with cartoon animals or personages looks cute. However, if you don’t like, don’t buy the item. The print and other wall art may be not designed specifically for wall decor nursery, but it can turn out to be a nice addition to the room interior.

– Consider adaptable decor. If you aren’t going to change the interior for the baby room every year, think about the decorations, which can be easily replaced by other ones. Thus, a series of small pictures or a big poster can be replaced by the ones with other images as soon as you think that they are too babyish. Also, wall stickers can be easily removed as soon as you are tired of them.Teddy Bear Wall Decor for Nursery

Teddy Bear Wall Decor for Nursery

– Don’t surround your baby with gender stereotypes. It’s not necessary to make a clear difference between boy and girl nursery wall decor. If you have already painted the walls blue or pink, seek for the arts, which will be more universal. For instance, it can be elephant nursery wall decor or the one, dedicated to any other animal. If you still haven’t picked up the wall color, think about more interesting colors. Thus, mint, grey and yellow will suit both girls and boys.

– Think about safety. Remember that all the nursery wall decorations must be on the safe distance from the kid in order to avoid injuries.

– Think wider. When we talk about wall art, the majority of us imagine a print, painting or a wall decal. However, the choice of wall hangings for nursery is much wider. Baby wall decor may look cute with quilts, tapestries, macrame adornments, dreamcatchers, a string of tassels, garlands and many other items.

– Pay attention to functional wall decor. Besides being used for decoration, some baby wall hangings can be useful. Thus, a wall clock, a mirror and a creative shelf will perform several tasks simultaneously.

5 Universal Ideas for Baby Room Wall Decor

Now, let’s have a look at 5 cute ideas for both girls and boys.

Star DecalsStars Wall Decals

Stars Wall Decals

Basically, stars always look great in nurseries no matter if you seek for wall decor for baby boy room or the one of baby girl. Moreover, the stars can be used in various room themes and color schemes.

These vinyl Hanging Stars by Sweetums Wall Decals have the overall dimensions of 30” H x 72” W. However, you may use them differently and even place them separately. Besides gold, the decals are available in black, white, hot pink, chocolate brown, cranberry, dark grey, light beige, navy and teal. The price is $60.99 for a set.

Owl Wall Print

Owl Poster

Among all the animal images, which are used for baby nursery wall decor, owls always stand out. These animals look cute and, in addition, are associated with wisdom and high intellect. The wall art print, featuring owl, is a great option for baby girl and baby boy nursery wall decor.

You are free to order the owl poster on our site. The sizes available are 33.1 x 23.4”, 44 x 34”, 23.4 x 16.5”, 16.5 x 11.7”, 11 x 8.5”, 8 x 6” and 6 x 4”. The possible finishes are glossy, semiglossy, matte. Also, the image can be printed on a canvas. The prices start from $3.45 for a 6 x 4” print with matte finish and go up to $79.95 for a huge canvas print.

Elephant Wall DecorElephant Wall Art

Elephant Wall Art

In truth, elephant wall decor for nursery is very popular. The elephant prints and stickers are preferred by many mums and dads. But, if you seek for something more unique, have a look at this decoration made of wood and burlap.

This Concept Baby Burlap with Grey Frame and 2D Elephant looks very cute and is suitable for girls and boys. It has a 10 x 10 in size and a textured design. The price is $14.99.

Height Growth ChartHeight Growth Chart

Height Growth Chart

Height growth charts aren’t just a great tool to measure how your kid grows, but also a nursery wall decoration. The one by Corodo is nice. The dimensions are 76.4 x 7.9 x 0.8 in. It’s made of canvas and wood border. The price is $8.99.

Clearly, there are many other ways of measuring your kid’s height, but it’s amazing to have a chart just in the nursery. It’s also a great tool for keeping memories of how your baby grows.

Bunny Wall ClockBunny Wall Clock

Bunny Wall Clock

The Trend Lab Bunny Wall Clock will also look nice on the nursery wall. The dimensions are 15 in x 13.87 in. It’s made of MDF Wood and runs on one AA battery. It can be bought on kmart for $32.95.

As the clock is grey, it will be suitable for the rooms in any color scheme. Moreover, like all the items above, it can be used in both girl and boy nursery wall decor.

Now, you know what nursery wall decor is the best for you and are free to start the decoration right now. No matter if you decorate the room for your son or daughter, you should also listen to your heart and think of what’s better for your kid.