As soon as it gets colder, our mood starts to spoil. And the only thing, which raises our spirits, is the thought that Christmas will come soon. The Christmas fuss has a special magic and so, if you are already ready to start the preparation for the holiday, we offer you some tips on Christmas wall decor.

So let’s dive in the theme of Christmas decorations and see how to enhance your home with the most widespread Christmas wall decoration ideas such as wreaths, prints, lights, candles, garlands and stickers.

Tips on Christmas Wreath Decor

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

In truth, it’s impossible to imagine Christmas without the festive wreath. It’s not just one of door or wall Christmas decorations, it has already become a symbol of the holiday. While, initially, it was used for front door decor only, nowadays, it’s quite widespread to place it on the doors inside the house as well as Christmas wall hangings.

Traditionally, a Christmas wreath is made of pine or any other evergreen plant and berries. However, today, the choice of the possible designs is innumerable. You can find the wreaths, decorated with garlands, bows, Christmas tree balls, toys and lights. Moreover, it’s not necessary to use fresh evergreens anymore as you are free to buy a cute artificial wreath.

The traditional shape of the Christmas wreath is a ring, but you can play with various shapes. For instance, it can be a round decoration. If you seek for more creative variants, you can adorn Christmas wall and door with the wreaths of various shapes, from the tree and heart to the silhouettes of animals.

The colors may be also different. The classic wreath is made with the colors of red, green, white or purple, which symbolize Jesus’ blood, life, joy and sacrifice or forgiveness. But, if you want, you may break the traditions and buy a wreath in other colors. It can even be in one color. Also, a wreath may be decorated according to a certain style, for instance shabby chic, vintage or rustic wreaths may become great Christmas wall decor.Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath

Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath

You are free to experiment with the wreath materials as well. An evergreen plant or its analogue isn’t the only solution. The wreath basis can be made of wood, plastic, fabric, carton and even metal. And everything may serve as decorations. The Christmas balls, silhouettes of Santa and reindeer, bows, ribbons, lights and garlands are the easiest variants.

If you need something unique, you are free to use whatever you want. Thus, food can be used for the wreath. The apples, citruses and candies are the most popular variants. Or, a Christmas wreath can be made of pom poms, lace or flowers. You can even have a luxurious piece, made of jewelry.

In addition, if you have some spare time, you are free to create the wreath with your own hands. In such a way, you will get exactly what you want and what suits your home perfectly. And we say nothing about the wreath uniqueness.

How to Use Posters and Other Prints for Christmas Wall Decor?

Merry Christmas Poster

Just a couple of decades ago, it was hard to imagine a poster as one of wall decorations for Christmas at home. The posters were used for wishing Merry Christmas at many places, including offices, cafes and other public places, but a few people used them at homes.

Today, the situation has changed. Posters have become rather a widespread home adornment for Christmas. They are liked for their large sizes, affordable prices and the opportunity of being used several times. They can be used at any room from the entryway to bathroom. However, in the latter case, we recommend to place the print under the glass as high humidity may spoil it.

The Christmas print may feature a wide range of things. If to talk about living room or entryway, you may place a print with the holiday congratulations.

Funny Snowman Poster

In nursery, the majority of people place the images with cartoon Santa, reindeer, snowmen and other funny pictures. In bedroom, you can hang the prints with Christmas tree, balls, garlands, snowmen or funny prints, for instance, a photo of a dog, dressed in the costume of Santa Claus.

In addition, the print can be dedicated to a certain theme, if you prefer thematic Christmas decor. For example, if you are going to dedicate it to a certain movie (like “Home Alone” or “Christmas Carol”), the movie poster will be the best solution. Moreover, you may order custom prints and get personalized wall decor. For instance, the photo of your family in the Christmas costumes will look cool in any room.

By the way, it’s not obligatory to choose 44″ x 34″ or 33.1″ x 23.4″ prints. The small pictures look no worse than large Christmas wall decorations. Clearly, the choice of the proper size depends on the place, where you are going to place the print. If it’s a nursery, a series of small pictures will look cute and if you want to decorate the empty wall above the armchairs, a large print may look better.

What to Do with Lights and Candles?

Christmas Lights Wall Decor

Christmas Lights Wall Decor

The proper lighting may help you to create a magic atmosphere in the house for the Christmas season. The small lights and candles may be great helpers in creating the fairytale decor at your dwelling.

The lights can be used separately or in combination with other accessories. They often decorate Christmas trees, wreaths and other decorative pieces. Thus, the lights will look cute if they surround some Christmas art like a poster or a large wall sticker. Also, the lights may decorate furniture. The place above the mantelpiece is among the most popular ones.

In fact, lights are astonishing separate Christmas decorations for the wall. If you have an empty wall or some free space on the wall, decorate it with the hanging strings of lights. It’s a very simple way of decoration, but it will turn your home into a fairy kingdom. Also, you can locate the lights on the wall in a certain pattern, for instance, in the form of the Christmas tree.Candles Christmas Decor

Candles Christmas Decor

It’s not necessary to use all the lights in one place. You can spread them around the house. Just one string of lights will add the festive mood to any room, it’s located at. The majority of us prefer to place lights in the living room. But the lights also look great in bedrooms and nurseries, especially if they are located above the bed. Kitchens and dining rooms can be also decorated with lights. The only exception is a bathroom. You need to be careful if you want to adorn it with electrical lights.

While the lights add magic to the interior, the candles are good at adding a romantic touch to the decor. We often decorate table centerpieces with candles. But, don’t forget that they are also good Xmas wall decorations. By placing a couple of candles on the wall shelf, you will create a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

The candles may hang directly on the walls if to buy the special wall sconces. The sconces can be dedicated to the Christmas theme. However, you may also buy the ordinary ones and adorn them with some bows or garlands for creating the festive look.

How to Decorate Home with Garlands?

Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

Garlands are one more thing, without which it is impossible to imagine Christmas. They are used everywhere starting from the porch to the bedroom. And, of course, garlands are such Christmas wall decorations, which are sold in various sizes, shapes, colors and are made from various materials.

The classic Christmas garland has much in common with the traditional Christmas wreath. It’s made of an evergreen plant or its artificial alternatives and is adorned by balls, ribbons, bows and lights. The color scheme is also similar. The green plant is mixed up with red and white accessories. Also, gold and silver details are used.

However, just like in the case with Christmas wreaths, you are free to seek for more creative variants. The garlands can be made of a number of materials starting from paper, bows and tinsels to candies, pom poms and crystals. And this list can be continued. If you have already picked up a certain Christmas theme, you need to find the garlands, which will brilliantly complement it.DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Christmas Garland

The garlands are used for the decoration of some empty walls, for instance the space near the staircase, as well as for furniture decor. They look amazing over the mantelpiece in combination with lights or candles. Or, they may help you to create a beautiful arch.

In addition, a garland is such a decoration, which you can easily make with your own hands. There are a great number of DIY Christmas wall decor projects, which don’t demand any special skills. Thus, you can make the garlands out of paper by cutting the silhouettes of Santa, reindeer, Christmas balls, stars etc, coloring them and attaching to one another with the help of a thread.

The Use of Wall Stickers for Wall Decor for Christmas

SantaClaus Stickers Wall Decor

Santa Claus Stickers Wall Decor

In the recent years, stickers have turned out to be rather widespread Christmas decorations for walls. They are a convenient and easy way of adding the holiday atmosphere to your home. Even a small sticker in the form of a snowflake will look cute. However, there are many possible designs of wall decals of various sizes.

The wall stickers are usually made on vinyl and are self-adhesive. You can easily attach them to the walls and remove them as soon as the Christmas decorations on wall become unnecessary. Don’t be afraid, they won’t spoil the walls.

If you want to add just a couple of cute holiday accents, opt for small Christmas-themed stickers. For instance, it can be a snowflake, an image of Santa or reindeer or the wall decals with Christmas tree balls. Also, black silhouette stickers look cute if they are placed in unusual places, like near the light switches or in the kitchen.Merry Christmas Wall Stickers

Merry Christmas Wall Stickers

Both full-color and silhouette stickers for Christmas wall decoration can be of a larger size and occupy the place above the mantelpiece, sofa, bed or any other free space you have. Besides Santa and reindeer, you are free to use wall decals with Christmas tree, snowmen and other holiday attributes.

If you seek for large-scale wall decoration ideas for Christmas, you can place wall murals in the holiday theme. Also, if you have a specific Christmas theme like a movie theme or the one, dedicated to a certain color, you are free to add some decoration within the chosen theme.

Quite simply, the sticker may also contain the congratulations. The “Merry Christmas” stickers can be used everywhere just like posters with the same text. However, you may also seek for more creative congratulations or write your wishes to your family and friends.

Now, make it happen. We are sure that you already know what you want to decorate your home for Christmas with. Besides decorating the interior, don’t forget about some Christmas outside wall decorations, which will add charm to your yard, patio or garden.