It’s tricky trying to find the perfect dining table if you don’t have much space in your home, but we’re here to help! Today we’re going to be sharing the best dining tables for small spaces.

Thanks to the latest designs and technology, there are some clever space saving tables you can buy which will look amazing in your home, without taking up your entire room. This means you get all the practicalities of having a dining table without the inconvenience!

Let’s take a look…

1.Maximize Space in Your Kitchen With a Drop Leaf Dining Table

Maximize Space in Your Kitchen With a Drop Leaf Dining Table

If you have a tiny kitchen, then a complete folding drop leaf dining table is the answer. This innovative design folds away almost completely against a wall, so when you are not using it, it’s almost as if it isn’t there.

There’s space for up to three people to sit and eat at this table, so it’s perfect for a couple or small family. It has a natural wood grain finish, so it looks great as well as being practical.

2.Save Space With a Narrow Dining Table

Save Space With a Narrow Dining Table

This Narrow Dining Table has a width of 24 inches and still sits 4 people. Perfect for informal gatherings and intimate conversation. No reaching for the salt across your neighbour! We love the extra height for a small room, so you can still stretch out your legs.

Built with solid wood and a Rubberwood top, it has a beautiful distressed finish and comes with a 1 year guarantee.  

3.A Small But Perfectly Formed Marquetry Bistro Table

If you like elegant interiors, this is the dining table for you. This gorgeous marquetry bistro dining table can seat 2-3 people, and it’s round shape ensures it takes up as little space as possible.

This table really is a showstopper piece, so you won’t be wanting to hide it away! When you are not using it to eat at, it can be used for casual drinks and snacks with friends, coffee, or maybe even a game of chess.

4.Use Stools to Keep Things Tidy

This counter dining table with drop leaf comes with 4 stools and a very convenient tidying option. For rooms with limited space, not having to navigate around chairs can be very helpful. Excellent for those who hate clutter. 

The drop leaf function doubles the top width from 18 to 36 inches. The top is a mixture of hardwood and manufactured wood for extra durability, and looks great in dark brown.

5.A Six-Seater Option for a Growing Family

This charming table has a rich finish and an antique feel. The evocatively named Huntsman extends from 68 to 96 inches, perfect for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday. 

The smart sliding extension is neatly built, and the top is a beautifully distressed hardwood.  Accompany it with the bench option to maximise seating. This is very reasonably priced for the quality and capacity it provides.

6.Keep it Chic With a Compact Glass and Gold Dining Table

Keep it Chic With a Compact Glass and Gold Dining Table

This is the perfect tiny dining table for small apartments. The geometric gold base paired with the tempered glass table top are the perfect combination to give a luxurious feel to any small space.

They say good things come in small packages, and it’s certainly true here! This tiny masterpiece seats up to four people, and since the top is made of clear glass, it’s perfectly unassuming when pushed to the side and not in use.

7.Seat Six or Save Space With a Foldable Dining Table

Seat Six or Save Space With a Foldable Dining Table

When it comes to space saving tables, you can’t go wrong with a foldable dining table. This is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a dining table but doesn’t have the space.

This stylish table can seat up to six people, and yet it’s designed to fold small enough to fit in a closet or even under the bed!

8.A Collapsible Classic 

A Collapsible Classic 

The worry with a collapsible dining table is if it will be sturdy enough once opened. As you can see from this chunky design there is no risk of that! Gorgeous polished hardwood with a very elegant pedestal – and the detail in the feet is fantastic. The bevelled table top also adds a sophisticated touch.

10inch drop leaves on either side can reduce the width to just 22 inches, making this a very convenient and classy addition to your abode.

9.Maximise Use With a Multi-Purpose Convertible Console Table

Maximise Use With a Multi-Purpose Convertible Console Table

Now this is the ultimate foldable dining table! This convertible console table looks beautiful as both a console table, and a dining table. 

When it’s not in use as a dining table, it can either be easily tucked away, or stand proudly in your hallway or lounge as a console table, and when you are ready to dine, this table easily converts to a good sized four seater table.

10.Make Use of Kitchen Space With This Versatile Kitchen Prep Table/Breakfast Bar

Make Use of Kitchen Space With This Versatile Kitchen Prep Table/Breakfast Bar

This exceptional piece is the Swiss Army knife of tables. With a separate preparation top, dining top, multi-purpose drawers, shelves AND a drop leaf – what more could you ask for? Well wheels of course! Perfect for moving around the home as needed.

All this craftiness comes in a delightfully designed package. We particularly like the 7-slot knife holder and utensil organiser drawers. The reinforced frame  and heavy-duty fasteners give this a real sense of durability.