Design trends are quite the enigma. What once seemed tired soon becomes the most popular aesthetic in recent years. Kicking off our apartment decor series, we’re here to discuss white walls. You’ve seen them in Kinfolk magazine, you’ve seen ’em on Instagram, and you’ve likely seen them in your chic friend’s living room.

The question remains: how do they look so cool? What’s the formula for perfecting the minimalist, white wall trend? Well, friend, we’ve compiled some handy tips to answer this very question. Prepare to make your Shadyside apartment the hippest hangout around in just a few simple steps!

Don’t Hold Back on Colorful Accents

White walls give your furniture, wall art, and decor accents the chance to take center stage. Bring the pizzazz with vibrant throw pillows, patterned pieces, and bright pops of color. Your living space shouldn’t feel like a perfectly curated showroom — make it unique by putting your special touch on things!

That witty, pink needlepoint that was gifted to you by your aunt? Frame it. Those patterned throw blankets you picked up while on vacation in Mexico? Bring ’em out! Let your colorful personality shine, and your decor will, too.

Plants Are Your Friend

To avoid a white-walled room that feels cold and barren, breathe life into your home decor by introducing lush greenery into your space. Think fiddle-leaf figs, snake plants, lucky bamboo, and more potted succulents than you know what to do with. Green leaves contrast against white walls with refreshing ease, and you know what they say about house plants increasing happiness and fulfillment, right? It’s a win-win!

Play with Texture

While furniture, color schemes, and decor items are certainly essential to a room’s overall components, no interior design is complete without texture. It may play a supporting role in a space’s function, but texture is no less vital to a design’s success.

Texture appeals to our senses by adding dimension to a room, and works in both the visual and tactile sense. Add texture with an eye-catching rug, a statement art piece, a carved wooden table, or unique metal accents.

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