As for modern urban wall art, there’s no shortage of options. No matter what your style is and how long you’ve been seeking the perfect addition to your home, you’ll find great wall art given the right approach.

Some people search for art based on color scheme, and want to match whatever they hang on their wall with the accent pillows on their couch. Others look for a feeling–finding something abstract that speaks to their guests that they can’t completely articulate but which they find interesting anyway. Modern art shoppers looking for their next piece of great wall art made by one of their favorite artists. 

The bottom line is this: There’s no wrong way to shop for great wall art, but it’s worth knowing the artist who created the piece is important. 

So the next time you shop for great wall art pieces, slow down long enough to learn a thing or two about the artist. You might find the art speaks to you a bit more personally when you get to know the person behind it.

Konji Art Pieces

Konji is an artist who likes to mash worlds together. Much of his art features a beautiful car blended into a natural world that seems out of place, like underwater or being buried in a field of flowers. 

Konji art is modern and hip, and even a bit poppy. But unlike pop art, it doesn’t take on a comic-style approach or incorporate text to emphasize its points. Konji art lives in a modern place because of the sharpness of the imagery and the design of the cars, but the surreal elements provide a wonderful balance that will surely pull the eyes of your guests repeatedly to your wall. He uses Cinema 4D and Photoshop to create his unique visuals.

Here is a quote from the artist:

“I’m self-educated and my main background is the inspiration that I get from all around, during the years, mostly from traveling, art magazines, movies, music, photographs. All the above is forming my vision and I keep exploring. Currently and mostly I mix romantic surrealism with expensive, beautiful cars.”

Big CGI Surreal Urban Cadillac Wall Art Surreal Digital Car Art Illustration by Konji
An artist holding a trippy art piece, , as an example of a large wall art trend
Lambo – CGI Wall Art | Konji | A CGI Wall Art Piece of a Lambo in flowers

Make Your Wall Art Search Personal

Konji is an example of an artist who creates a unique style and the imagery carries a consistent theme through it. Some people can walk through a gallery and name the artist because of familiarity with design or color palette, or they just simply know. 

As you continue to shop for your next piece of great wall art, consider making your search a bit more personal. Look through the artist’s catalog fully, and get a sense of how the artist perceives the world. Shop Konji art today.