The peony flower is among the world’s most beloved perennials. Few flowers rival the ravishing peony, known for its delicate petals and rich texture. They’re wonderfully fragrant, and they make bright and uplifting additions to any garden or bouquet. While they’re incredibly easy on the eyes, part of their draw is the fact that they’re fairly low maintenance and have the potential to last for a long while without much effort.

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More than simply looking fabulous and standing the test of time, though, the peony is also full of meaning. Generally symbolic of love, honor, happiness wealth, romance, and beauty, the peony is traditionally given on special occasions as an expression of goodwill, best wishes, and joy.

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But did you know that peonies of different colors represent different emotions? If you want to give peonies for any occasion, keep in mind these specific meanings are tied to individual colors. These details will guide you in the right direction as you choose the perfect arrangement for the occasion.

White Peony Flowers

Timeless, subtly elegant, and undoubtedly sophisticated, the white peony evokes a reserved sort of appeal. That’s why we’ve created a white monochromatic peony bouquet called The Pearl. It’s an elegant blossom that is riveting at a glance, capturing attention for the romantic quality it exudes while filling any room with an aura of crisp, airy, beachy nonchalance. Symbolic of enduring beauty, the white peony is unmatched in its understated regality. They naturally fit beautifully into wedding bouquets, make great additions to windowsill arrangements in summery settings, and add a lovely contrasting touch to contrasting flowers.

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Interestingly, the white peony is also tied to feelings of remorse and bashfulness. If you feel a sense of sorrow for wrongdoing you may have committed, giving white peonies is one way to apologize, ask for forgiveness, and show that you truly understand that you made a mistake. This is a thoughtful apology, one that’s truly packed with meaning, and one that comes from the heart.

Light Pink Peony Flowers

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One of the most common peony colors is light pink. Pale and subtle, blush tones are typically associated with romance, luck, and prosperity. You don’t need to reserve light pink peonies for a love interest, although they do serve as a lovely alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary celebration. The resplendent, soft pink peony also makes a wonderful addition to a Mother’s Day arrangement, either on its own or paired with other flowers for a richly textured, meaningful bouquet she’s sure to treasure. Our bouquet, The Peony, is a classic and timeless arrangement perfect for any occasion.

Pale pink peonies are often included in wedding bouquets. They add a light pop of color to the mix, and they’re perfect for maids of honor and bridesmaids. The gentle pastel tone complements shades typically used in spring and summer wedding ceremonies. They also make lovely additions to centerpieces at outdoor weddings. They aren’t dark or dramatic, but they evoke a sense of ethereal, understated beauty that’s perfect for an occasion with a rustic, ethereal, or outdoorsy theme.

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Hot Pink Peony Flowers

On the other end of the spectrum, hot pink peonies are considerably bolder, more eye-catching, and more passionate in their intent. Hot pink is a more intense color, capable of conveying drama and passion at a single glance. Peonies in this color are often associated with attraction, allure, and deep appreciation. While symbolic of romance, it’s versatile enough to convey happiness, joy, and radiance thanks to its uplifting shade.

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That very versatility is what makes the hot pink peony such a dazzling choice for so many occasions. Our arrangement, The Sunburst, features these flowers at their brightest. It makes a bold and attention-grabbing addition to a wedding centerpiece, as it draws the eye inward and serves as the focal point of the setting. It’s also a thoughtful alternative to a pink rose, especially if you’re trying to convey your love and appreciation for someone and the important role that they play in your life. There’s a youthful spirit about the hot pink peony too, making it a wonderful addition to a young graduate’s congratulatory bouquet or a sweet sixteen party arrangement.

Red Peony Flowers

Red is the color of passion, fury, intensity, and drama. It’s unrivaled where those traits are concerned — there is simply no other color that comes close if you want to express your deepest love for someone, like your spouse or partner. The red peony makes a fantastic alternative to the customary red rose on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just because. You can set it in the center of the table when surprising your special someone with a romantic meal, or decorate the bedroom with a few peony petals when planning a special night. The options are abundant, all thanks to the deep meaning behind the rich and enigmatic color.

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But red peonies aren’t just about romance. This shade also represents respect, honor, abundance, and wealth. It’s enormously meaningful in that regard. In fact, the humble peony was the preferred flower of Chinese royalty, and they would often use the red flower to accent their gardens and add color and personality to their balconies. In China, red symbolizes royalty, and it was this hue that most often made an appearance in regal circles.

Yellow Peony Flowers

What’s brighter and more uplifting than a yellow flower? Few can compete with the radiance that the lovely yellow peony exudes. It’s symbolic of new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. You might give yellow peonies as a housewarming gift, to wish someone luck as they begin a new job, to thank them for their hard work at their retirement party, or to share some joy just because they mean so much to you.

The beauty of the yellow peony is that there are so many different shades of yellow available. You might opt for a lighter, sunnier variety to introduce a new season or to brighten up the home after a deep spring clean. You might choose a richer, more golden tone for an outdoor wedding to reflect the spirit of the season. You might opt for a refreshing lemon to wish someone well and to express just how proud you are of their achievements. There’s almost no wrong occasion to give a yellow peony.

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Cultivated for centuries, the peony has long been a source of rich symbolism and meaning. Known as much for its decorative value as its ties to royalty, the humble flower enjoys incredible popularity in the modern world. It’s worthy of any special moment, big or small, and because it’s available in so many colors you can be certain that there is an appropriate peony for any occasion in your life.