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7 Essential Sunroom Interior Design Elements for Brighter Results

Interior design for sunrooms is no longer just a Florida topic. Sunrooms – or garden rooms – are an increasingly popular addition to homes all around the country. Such rooms add a cheerful touch to any style house. Whether you are building a new addition or converting an existing room, here are a couple of […]

Home Office Ideas to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Working remotely has reached a new height – we are going through a remote revolution, where companies have been forced to give their employees the possibility of working from home. And no, we don’t mean working from a beach in Thailand or a poolside gazebo in Hawaii. These are the days when remote work means […]

5 Tips for Carving out a Kid’s Homework Space or Office

Much to your child’s chagrin, the start of a new school year means the onslaught of homework, school projects, and studying. If you’ve got a busy, school-age child, a dedicated workspace or office is a must. No more taking over the dining room table! 1. A Big Work Table for Homework & Craft Projects No, your dining […]