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Beautiful Basement Wall Decor Ideas

Basement wall decor is crucial for making sure your bonus area feels like a fun place to be rather than a creepy dungeon underground.  Decorating basement walls doesn’t have to be challenging. You have a lot of creative leeways when picking basement wall decorations. Whether you want to use basement artwork or change the way […]

Best Home Office Storage Ideas

Home offices are becoming an essential part of modern working life. Whether you have the flexibility to telecommute, you’re a freelancer, or you just need to put in extra time on a project, it’s helpful to have a dedicated work space (that isn’t just your laptop on your kitchen table). The biggest challenge to creating a home […]

The Simple Way To Style Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves can take up a good chunk of real estate in your home and when they do, they become a focal point. They demand attention. Maybe that’s why they seem so hard to get “right”. Styling bookshelves can be tough, but I think part of the problem is that we overcomplicate it, simply because it’s […]

Does Each Wall Need a Picture Hanging on It?

The key to any successful interior design is balance. That means when it comes to hanging pictures, no, you don’t need to fill every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor. Decorating Walls With Pictures There are very few instances when you need […]