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If the thought of having to assemble and hang your large artwork has you stressed, you aren’t alone! 

Have no fear. 

BIG Wall Décor is super easy to assemble and hang


Watch this one-minute video for super easy assembly instructions. 

Most people assemble their frame and insert their print in less than 5 minutes.

(Please note, if you are having any trouble assembling your frame and print, reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] or 1-888-441-1246. One of our team members – not a robot – will help you through the process.)


These four hacks make it super fast and easy to hang your BIG Wall Décor, even if you don’t feel confident in your construction skills.

Extra large black and white surreal living room wall art hangs above dark green velvet couch in boho living room.

Hack #1: Pick Where to Hang Your BIG Wall Décor in Less Than 30 Seconds

Either (1) pretend it’s the first time stepping into your room or (2) have a friend over who has never been to your house before. 

When you enter the room notice, where is the first place you look

Most commonly, attention immediately goes to the focal piece of furniture directly across from the entrance to the room. 

For bedrooms, this is most often a bed or dresser. 

In living rooms, it’s typically a couch or fireplace. 

And in kitchens or dining rooms, it’s usually the table or island. 

The best place to hang your BIG Wall Décor is above the furniture that serves as the focal point in the room. 

Ideally, this will fall directly in the line of sight of someone as they enter your room. 

By adding interest to the featured area in your room, BIG Wall Décor makes your space feel warm and welcoming.

Huge photo of sunset over Chicago skyline hangs on neutral wall above brown leather couch between two black book shelves in apartment living room.

Common Question: Should Large Wall Art Be Centered on a Wall or Centered Over Furniture?

The debate ends here. 

BIG Wall Décor should be centered over your furniture. 

When large wall art is centered above furniture, your space feels balanced and comfortable

Naturally, our brains find symmetry calming and beautiful

When your wall art is hanging centered above your furniture, the midpoint of the art lines up with the midpoint of your furniture. 

This is more pleasing to the eye than offset art and furniture. Asymmetry often is interpreted as messy or cluttered in the mind

While asymmetry can be a bold stylistic choice, it should be used intentionally and sparingly.

For all of you practical people who are arguing, “it would make more sense to center artwork on the wall because the wall doesn’t move and furniture can move.”

We get where you are coming from…but, no. 

It’s inevitable that you will want to rearrange your furniture to change the flow and energy of your room. 

But, you can also move your wall art so that it remains properly centered above your furniture in your newly re-arranged space. 

Let’s not forget, small holes from screws and anchors are easy and inexpensive to patch.

Most of the time, you only need spackle, a putty knife, and a bit of sandpaper. No engineering or construction skills required.

A model on a pink couch hanging a graffiti fashionista wall art piece of lips

Hack #2: How Find the Perfect Hanging Height for Your BIG Wall Décor Without A Tape Measure

The ideal hanging height for any wall art is centered at eye level

This means you want the middle of your artwork to hang 48-56 inches above the floor. 

Your gut instinct might be that this feels “too low.” 

Trust our expert interior designers. 

When you step back and admire art hung correctly at eye level, you will be amazed at how much bigger it looks. 

If you don’t have a tape measure, how do you figure out how high to hang your BIG Wall Décor? 

  1. Walk up to the wall in the area you want to hang your large wall art.
  2. Gently touch the tip of your nose to the wall.
  3. Mark the spot where your nose touched the wall with a pencil – this is approximately “eye level.”
  4. Hold your large wall art up by the pencil mark.
  5. Estimate where the pencil mark is at the center of your art. 
  6. While holding the art centered at eye level, mark the height of the top edge of the frame. 
  7. Secure your BIG Wall Décor wall hanging bracket at the top height marked. 

Of course, if you have a tape measure you can measure a height of 48-56 inches on the wall. Then continue with steps 4 – 7 to hang your wall art centered at eye level. 

The most important check is to step back to admire your large wall art. Be sure that you aren’t tipping your head back or looking up to see your artwork. 

Common Mistake: Hanging Wall Art Too High

You want guests to feel comfortable when they admire your wall art. If you hang the piece too high, they will have to crane their necks to look up at it. 

Especially if this is your first time hanging wall art, your instinct will be to hang your wall art too high. 

Be sure to hang your BIG Wall Décor so the centerline of the piece is near eye level.

Huge Floral Head Wall Art

Hack #3: How to Secure Your BIG Wall Décor to the Wall Like An Engineer 

Exact tools and hanging equipment needed will depend on your specific wall type (drywall, plaster, cement, brick, etc). For these instructions, we are assuming you are hanging your BIG Wall Décor on a standard drywall wall. 

Your BIG Wall Décor purchase includes wall anchors, screws, and hanging bracket required to securely hang your artwork to the wall. 

You will need a hammer and a drill to most easily and efficiently install your BIG Wall Décor hanging bracket. 

  1. After determining the height you would like to hang your artwork, place the bracket on the wall as a guide.
  2. Mark the location of the holes in the bracket as a guide for where to insert the wall anchors and screws.
  3. Using a drill bit, pre-drill a pilot hole in the wall. 
  4. Gently hammer the white wall anchor into the hole. 
  5. Place the hanging bracket over the wall anchors. 
  6. Secure the hanging bracket in place drilling the screws into the wall anchors. 
  7. You can loosen the screws to slightly adjust the hanging bracket if it is not level. 
  8. Hang your BIG Wall Décor by easily sliding the lip of the frame into the groove between the hanging bracket and the wall.

If you have specific questions regarding how to secure your hanging bracket to the wall prior to hanging your BIG Wall Décor, please reach out to our customer service team – not a robot – will happily assist you.

Extra large blue and pink abstract wall art hangs above modern kitchen table.

Common Question: Can I hang my BIG Wall Décor with Command Strips?

No, we do not recommend hanging your BIG Wall Décor with command strips. 

We recognize command strips are convenient since they do not require drilling into the wall. However, we have found that command strips are not strong enough to secure your wall art to the wall over a long period of time

Since our frame is made from a lightweight metal, there is risk of damage to you, your home, or the frame, if the frame were to fall off the wall due to improper hanging technique. 

Please follow the steps above to safely hang and secure your BIG Wall Décor. 

Common Question: Does My BIG Wall Décor Hanging Bracket Need to Go into a Stud?

For safest, most secure hanging, it is advised that you attach your hanging bracket into a stud. 

However, for smaller sized wall art, it is recommended but not required that your hanging bracket is attached to a stud. Typically, hanging the bracket with wall anchors will be strong enough to support smaller sizes of wall art

Common Question: Do I need to Hire a Professional Installer to Hang My BIG Wall Décor?

No, you do not need to hire a professional installer or handyman to hang your BIG Wall Décor. 

Assembly and hanging BIG Wall Décor is very easy. It does not require any experience or carpentry skills. 

Large horizontal abstract wall art in tans and oranges hangs above set of chairs in living room.

Hack #4: Guarantee Your BIG Wall Décor is Level, Without Buying a Level

It goes without saying, you don’t want to step back after hanging your new massive wall art to discover that it is crooked. 

Honestly, traditional wall art hanging systems haven’t made it easy to guarantee that your large wall art will hang level. 

In fact, it can be downright hard to level oversized wall art. 

Traditional hanging systems like single nails or nails-with-wire must be installed perfectly for level art. There isn’t much room for adjusting once the screw has been secured. 

And at such a large size, any crookedness is obvious. 

BIG Wall Décor’s hanging system is different. 

And it’s so easy to adjust, that we guarantee you can level your piece – without using a level!

Here’s how the adjustable hanging bracket works. If you hang your BIG Wall Décor and notice one end is slightly higher than the other, simply…

  1. loosen one of the screws,
  2. gently nudge the bracket up or down, and
  3. retighten the screw. 

Rehang your artwork on the hanging bracket and step back to see if the piece looks level. 

PRO TIP: To test that your wall art is truly level, without buying a level either…

  1.  place a marble or small round object on the top lip of the frame to check if it rolls one way or the other or 
  2. measure the distance from both lower corners to the floor. If the measurements are the same, your artwork should be level.