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Do your New Year’s resolutions include decluttering and organizing your home or office while creating a sophisticated new look?

Marie Kondo may have to be your guide on how to declutter and organize. But to create a new look for your home or office have you considered that the single most effective way to do so is to change out your wall art?

Pick out a new fine art print that you like, that maybe inspires you and keeps your interest for a while. Then pick up a few pillows in matching colors, maybe add a throw to cozy up under during the cold winter months – and voilà – you have a refreshed look for one of your rooms. If its your office, maybe drop the throw and pick up some knick-knack in a matching color.

There are many options for wall art. You can pick out a fine art paper print and frame it yourself, you can get a large canvas print, maybe a sleek looking acrylic mount or a modern brushed metal print.

Consider also pairing one piece of wall art with a similar sized second one that matches in style, color, or material or pair it with two smaller images.

My portfolio spans a wide range of images, many of them award-winning, and I am sure you can find something that sparks your interest.

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