Leather furniture often gets a bad reputation and we’re on a mission to fix that. This luxurious texture is perfect to mix in with modern or traditional pieces and adds just the right touch of masculinity. If you’re struggling with adding leather into your home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your space. From leather sofaschairsottomans, and even benches, this material is not just for man caves and bachelor pads. Need some more convincing? Here are some of our favorite things we love about leather furniture.

Durable Material

As we always stress, buying new furniture for your home is an investment. You want to pick a piece that not only you will love for years to come, but one that will hold up through messes, moves, and everything in between. What’s great about leather is that it’s extremely durable and will be able to withstand whatever life throws at it, while still maintaining a buttery-soft feel and luxurious look.

Two light colored leather furniture chairs in a living room Easily Wipeable

Unlike many upholstered pieces, there’s no need to worry about spills and messes when you have leather in your room. The texture of leather furniture is very easy to clean and usually requires a little dish soap and water. You can rest easy knowing you have this material around your busy family.

A chocolate colored leather furniture chair in a living room
A small scaled rounded leather furniture chair in a living room

Adds Texture

Having a mix of textures is important in any room. To keep your room from feeling stagnant, incorporating a leather furniture piece creates dimension and adds a neutral color that you might be lacking. Leather also helps add a touch of masculinity to a room, creating a well balanced feel

 Ages Well

Leather furniture is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Not only is the texture extremely durable, the longer it’s lived in the better it looks and feels. Do you remember your dad’s old leather recliner? While it may not have been the most beautiful piece in the room, you know it was the spot everyone wanted to sit in. Luckily now, there are beautiful leather chairs that provide just as much comfort, so you can have it all.

A leather furniture bench sitting underneath a wood console table