Choosing the right size for wall art can be a daunting task, but this informative article is here to help. It provides expert guidance and practical tips on how to select the perfect size for your wall art. The article starts by highlighting the importance of considering the dimensions of the wall and the surrounding space. It then dives into various factors to consider, such as the room size, furniture placement, and desired visual impact. The article offers valuable insights on determining the appropriate scale and proportion, including measuring techniques and visualization methods. It also explores the significance of the art’s subject matter and style in relation to the size, helping readers strike a balance between making a statement and maintaining visual harmony.

Standard Wall Art Sizes

Finding the right size wall art for your space is key. Let’s start by laying out a wall art size chart of standard sizes you’ll encounter when shopping. Keep in mind that there is much diversity in the world of art dimensions, so you’ll run into varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, the frame of a piece can add a few extra inches to its total width and diameter.

Small Wall Art SizesWidth: 8-13″, Height 10-19″
Medium Wall Art SizesWidth: 18-20″, Height 20-24″
Large Wall Art SizesWidth: 20-22″, Height 28-36″
Oversized Wall Art SizesWidth: 24″ and up, Height 36″ and up

Small Wall Art Sizes

The cool, quiet kids of the art world are, without a doubt, small wall art. The standard dimensions of these petite prints are often in the following range:

  • Width: 8–13”
  • Height: 10–19”

Medium Wall Art Sizes

When you want your art to be a bit punchier, medium wall art will do the trick. They function well as stand-alone pieces in smaller spaces but are still able to share the mic with frames of any size. Their dimension range is:

  • Width: 18–20”
  • Height: 20–24”

Large Wall Art Sizes

Large wall art is where we begin to see the power of a piece in wide open wall spaces. Although not all large wall art is suitable for commanding an entire blank wall, their dimensional range saves you a bit of time from nailing up a million small and medium art prints:

  • Width: 20–22”
  • Height: 28–36”

Oversized Wall Art Size

Oversized or extra-large wall art is the grandest of all. Perfect when trying to fill or decorate a large wall space with a single piece, they call attention with a dimensional range of:

  • Width: 24” and up
  • Height: 36” and up

How to Choose the Right Size for Wall Art

The main goal when it comes to selecting the proper art size for your space is achieving balance—not too empty, and not too cluttered. Usually, your eye won’t fail you when it comes to intuitively discerning what looks good and what doesn’t, so trust what feels just right.

  • Need to fill in a tiny, vertical patch of wall in between a window and a bookshelf? Hang up a stack of cheeky mini prints.
  • Got a huge wall area to fill above your sectional? Opt for an oversized attention-grabbing abstraction.

A blank wall is a black canvas you can decorate in many ways, whether that be using multiple pieces of different sizes to create a gallery wall or choosing one art piece to fill up the space.

When to Choose Small Wall Art

Small pieces work best in, you guessed it, smaller spaces—think bathrooms, bedrooms, or offices. While there are no hard and fast rules here, hanging up a mini 8” x 10” print in the middle of that space above your sectional couch won’t quite have the impact you hope for.

Small art prints are perfect in pairs and clusters, playing off of one another to make a contemporary collage or sunny series. Some of our favorite ways to curate small art prints are as follows:

  • Including multiple pieces  in a patchwork gallery wall
  • Curating a horizontal series of small prints
  • Decorating bookshelves and pint-sized desks
  • Tacking onto cork boards

When to Choose Medium Wall Art

Not too big, not too small, medium wall art pieces are the chameleons of the art print world. They start to become big enough to function as stand-alone pieces, but it all depends on the wall space you’re working with.

We recommend including them in your:

  • Floor-to-ceiling art installation
  • Bookshelf galleries
  • Hallways and entryways
  • Smaller offices

When to Choose Large & Oversized Wall Art

If you’re searching for wall decor ideas to fill up a large space, large and oversized wall art makes a statement—and we’re here for it. They’re pros at setting the tone of any interior and tying together the color scheme in a space, all with one hook.

Our favorite ways to implement larger pieces into home decor and design are:

  • Single oversized art piece above a sofa, bed, or fireplace
  • Grid art gallery walls with only large pieces
  • Alongside smaller prints to create an interesting contrast

So, how big is too big? The limit is up to you—but House Digest recommends that any large artwork you hang above furniture be half to two-thirds of the furniture’s width. This is to ensure that the size of the art is just right for the living space and doesn’t overpower your sofa or bed.

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