Modern wall decorWall art is one of the essential elements of modern home decor. It is as important as assembling stylish furniture and creating an interior design scheme that matches your taste and works cohesively with your stature.

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If alluring enough, wall art can become the focal point of your entire living space. There are a few basic rules of modern wall décor design that you should be aware of in order to get the ideal outcome in your space. Here we will be sharing some of the industry insight and specific golden rules of modern wall art design that can transform your bland wall into the rooms main point of interest.


One of the most basic but effective rules of modern wall art design is the odd number rule. When you want your wall to be the focal point of your living room you must follow this rule. The rule simply states that we should never use two, four or six objects to decorate a room. If you want to hang photo frames on your wall, go for three or five or even one large frame. It has been noticed that objects arranged in odd numbers are more pleasing to the human eye.

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Well, there’s no predefined perfect position for wall art but surely there are rules that help you choose the perfect position according to your living room, right? The ideal position for visually appealing wall art design is the wall near where the couch or the sofa is positioned, also the wall that faces the front door (the entry is probably the most popular of all positions for wall art). If a wall already has an element of attraction, let’s say a TV, you should refrain from hanging a painting or wall art on the same wall as this can cause an imbalance.


This rule states that the wall art needs to work harmoniously with the furniture and other design elements in the room. You can simply choose any wall art design because you find it attractive, however, if you want to actually elevate the interior design of your home you should always ensure you are simultaneously focussing on choosing artwork that also blends seamlessly with other features in your home or office. For example if your living room is decorated in a vintage style with heavily carved wooden furniture, a small photo frame featuring modern art will be a mismatch that can ruin the overall ambiance of the space.

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One of the prominent elements of modern home wall art décor is thematic designing. Instead of randomly choosing conflicting elements you should design your entire room around a specific theme. Choose a theme that reflects your personality or the way you want to present yourself to the world, then choose your wall art from United Interiors accordingly.

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Mirrors are a timeless piece of wall decor, which will never lose their significance in interior design. The most important thing about mirrors is that they can complement any interior design theme as they are readily available in almost any style. They visually expand the space and make the room brighter and more expansive if placed in the correct location and on the ideal angle. If you have a smaller room, it becomes more important to incorporate a larger sized mirror on your wall to really open up your space visually (it’s simply amazing how this design strategy can enhance the spacious feel of any room). You can also opt for a mirror with round edges to break the monotony of the rectangle, square and straight lines commonly present throughout various rooms in the home.

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Decorating every wall of the room in a balanced way is an important rule of modern wall decor theming. Try to pay attention to creating a difference between the design of opposing walls while trying to strike that ideal cohesive balance in your space. You can use a variety of shapes, colours and elements on different walls to make your living area an interesting and multi-layered place for visitors. More importantly for yourself, as you will be enjoying this view each day.

For example, feel free to incorporate a range of differing materials and elements (mirrors, memorabilia, collectables) to balance out a gallery wall and on the opposing wall you could feature an extra-large canvas print that needs nothing more encompassing it, a complete standalone perfect piece. Alternatively, have one feature wall of art in a room and leave the rest blank for other items such as large furniture pieces, TV’s or windows.