With so many of us working from home on a regular basis, the space we spend so much time in deserves some extra love. Home office wall decor ideas will refresh your space and help you keep motivated throughout the day.

Let’s face it, staring at the same bland four walls everyday hardly make for the most motivational working environment. Luckily, it’s easy enough to switch your mindset from ‘out of office’ to optimistic by treating the walls of your home office ideas as a blank canvas.

‘If you work from home most or all the time, it’s important to choose a home office scheme that makes you happy and stimulates creativity’, says Kerry McKenzie, co-founder of Brand McKenzie. ‘Consider incorporating your favourite colours or a wallpaper that features something you love’.

Home office wall decor ideas

Getting creative with your working space is proven to boost positivity and productivity, making you much happier day to day. Whether you opt for positive paint shades, styled-up shelving, decorative artwork, or all of them, your home office wall decor ideas are sure to make the work days fly by.

1. Build a beautiful backdrop

Home office with pastel mural wall and metallic furniture

Image credit: Future PLC

While it’s important to consider the view from your desk, consider the backdrop from your computer camera, too. ‘You’ll need to think carefully about the wall behind you and the impression it will create on video calls, as it is likely to now be one of the most seen parts of your home,’ says Kerry from Brand McKenzie.

Work in tandem with your home office lighting ideas to ensure both your face and backdrop are perfectly lit, while avoiding irritating screen glare.

2. Stay serene with green

Home office with two toned green walls, two wall lights and botanical print

Image credit: Future PLC

Bringing greenery into an office environment helps evoke a sense of calm and stimulates creativity, making it just as perfect for craft room ideas.

Try painting walls a soothing shade of green, or for a quick fix, fill a shelf with plants.

‘If you’re short on desk or floor space, or you’re not very green fingered, hanging botanical wall art can help destress and set you in the right mood for a productive day’, say the design experts at Green Lili.

3. Pick a positive colour scheme

Blue home office with green desk

Image credit: Annie Sloan

One of the main benefits of a home office is the opportunity to create a colourful environment that works for you – not your colleagues. Think about how you react to colours and tones and pick accordingly: some people feel stressed by bright shades while others find them stimulating.

If you’re wary about home office design mistakes and unsure on colours, there are some that might be worth considering, given the proven effects they have on mood and productivity.

‘Pinks and blues are calming and help you focus, while greens can relieve stress and bring in a natural feel of the outdoors,’ advise the colour experts at Green Lili. ‘In contrast, oranges and yellows will help with energy and enthusiasm.’

4. Stay organised

Blue home office with open wall shelving and pinboard

Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

If it’s small home office ideas you’re after, think about making your walls work a little harder. With a few practical accessories, they can easily accommodate all your organisational needs – the key is to make it look stylish.

Whether it’s a blackboard, corkboard or DIY pinboard, position it in the middle then work out with a couple of wall-mounted pockets and small shelves to keep all your bits and bobs close to hand.

5. Use patterned paper to zone a space

Home office with wallpaper panel underneath staircase

Image credit: Future PLC

Nooks and alcoves are natural places to pop a desk, and because it’s small, you can afford to be a bit more daring with your colours and patterns. Whether it’s in a designated home office or not, separate it from the rest of the room with an out-there paint or wallpaper ideas.

Stick to calm shades so the effect is softer and easier on the eye when looking away from your laptop.

6. Create an inspiration board

Home office wall covered in cork pinboard and pictures

Image credit: Future PLC

A pinboard is more than just useful – it can be beautiful, too. Create a personalised inspiration board by pinning up pieces that bring you joy; there’s nothing like family photos, postcards, kids’ artwork or a happy quote to help put the ‘home’ into a home office.

If you’re hanging artwork directly onto the wall instead, use a range of different shapes and sizes to create maximum impact and play around with layouts by positioning them on the floor first.

7. Hang a mirror

Home office with blue and white walls, round mirror, desk lamp and pendant light

Image credit: Pooky

‘Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger room, adding a sense of space and airiness to a home office – positioned correctly, it’s a great light enhancer, too’, says Sanel Konyar, founder of Interior Kollection.

Hang a single large one as a statement piece or combine several different shaped designs together for added interest.

This trick has double the benefits for garden office ideas. The mirror will reflect the surrounding nature, promoting a sense of calm and creativity. Always a win.

8. Put the writing on the (chalk) wall

Home office in kitchen with brown cabinetry and chalk paint wall

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

Turn your to-do list into a fun thing to look at by creating a playful feature chalkboard wall. If you’re working with a smaller space, or fancy something a little less bold, consider using a spirit level and masking tape to fashion a memo-board expanse of wall instead.

You could even get a little creative and use your chalk paint to create an oversized calendar or wall planner. Use black and white chalkboard paint to mix different tones of grey to differentiate between days.