Stop checking your smartwatch. Old-school clocks tell time just as well – and are 100% cuter! Get inspired with these decor ideas.

1. Tucked Away

square wall clock

There are not one, not two, but three clocks in the dining room above. Each one is positioned just slightly out of the way – yet once found, emits gorgeous intrigue.

2. Center Stage

beautiful clocks

If all the world is a stage, then this silver beauty deserves the lead role.

3. Rise and Shine

vintage clocks
clock decor

Your alarm clock shouldn’t cause you any actual alarm. Pair it with fresh flowers and sunny colors to wake up and smell the roses – literally.

4. Face Forward

clock with numbers
wood clock

Win guests over with a giant analog clock; its sheer size brings calming, sweeping style – and makes it easy to tell time even when you’re halfway across the room.

5. Travel Bugs

home clocks

When you can’t always hop on a plane to lands far and wide, look to travel-inspired decor. Here, a vintage road map next to a European wall clock nurtures daydreams – offering a chic way to soothe the pangs of wanderlust.

6. Vintage Vibes

rectangle clock

Thanks to warm colors, distressed textures and the woodsy fragrance of fresh-fallen pinecones, this bedroom nook is already the coziest corner of the house. (A vintage clock is simply the icing on the cake!)

7. Just for Show

vintage clock decor
metal clock

A clock isn’t always about telling time. Sometimes, it’s about creating a sense of calm – and ironically, in doing so, can actually slow time down. Take, for example, this magnificent metal “clock” – which is really just pure decor. It’s a clock that could care less about minute hands and second hands; in a sense, it’s a sort of tribute to time – and yet sings only the praises of living in the present moment.