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Want to know the most popular wall art style from 2023 that will take your home from stale and outdated to energized and refreshed?

Well…plot twist. 

There is no “one best style.”

And that’s because the resounding style theme from 2022 isn’t to follow what everyone else is doing. 

Nope. Instead, the trend is to be original and uniquely you

Gone are the days of letting big brands tell you “this buffalo picture is the single best thing to hang in your modern farmhouse living room” or “wallpaper your walls with paint.”

If you want to be “on trend” while decorating your empty walls in 2022 then you need to find…

  • Artwork that speaks to you on an emotional level. 
  • Wall décor that is unique and makes your space memorable. 
  • Wall art designed by real artists who put their heart and soul into the piece. 

Because artwork isn’t just a decoration

Wall art is a declaration of who you are as a person

The compilation of your home décor – from colors schemes and furniture to wall art and throw pillows – creates a space and energy that are uniquely you

That’s right. What you love and value matters more than anyone else’s opinion

Large square surreal astronaut wall art with pink neon sign that reads "are you lost?" hangs above blue couch in living room
Massive trending painting of someone's profile where their head is covered in large floral bouquet on a black background hangs in living room.
Huge vertical photo of plane flying between two rows of palm trees hangs in neutral living room

And to be clear, this isn’t bashing brands that are creating trends. We know that by hyping up “the next big thing” brands are drumming up sales for people who want to feel fresh and relevant

That’s a good thing. 

Because as humans, we are visual creatures

And looks matter to us, A LOT. (Maybe even more than we would like to admit). 

BUT we want to be sure that when you choose your next piece of wall art, you aren’t picking what the top HGTV designer thinks looks good. 

We want to be sure you choose artwork you love.

So that when you come home after a long day of work and sit down in your living room, your wall décor makes you feel comfortable and relaxed

And when you sip your coffee and check emails in your home office, your wall art helps you feel excitedmotivated, and ready to crush your goals

And when you are ready to hop into bed with your significant other, your above bed wall décor puts you in exactly the right mood. 

So if you look around at the art on your walls and – quite frankly – you don’t think dang, my wall art is so cool. I love this art, you know it’s time to make a change. 

Empty walls? Outdated Artwork? Faded Canvases?

Let’s fix that with unique trending wall art from emerging artists. 

#10 “MDS” Greek Mythology Art by Frank Moth

Misunderstood and unfairly villainized. Medusa – the snake-haired goddess of Greek mythology is known for her terrible wrath that can turn men to stone with just one look.

This minimalist Greek mythology art has a black background and features Medusa’s decapitated head turned to stone. Her eyes are closed, crying deeply symbolic golden tears. 

Medusa’s decapitated head has come to symbolize strength for survivors, especially those who speak out and are victim-blamed. 

Medusa’s gold tears represent power and triumph. They unite survivors and encourage you to be brave while seeking justice for the evils committed against you.

Image #1

#9 “Forever Searching” Graffiti Art by Michiel Folkers

Candice Swanepoel is one of the most sought after models in the world. The South African started modeling at age 15. Withing a few years she rose to fame as one of Victoria Secret’s Angels. Swanepoel has modeled for nearly every major high fashion brand and has been featured on many magazine covers.

This colorful graffiti art of Swanepoel features a black and white profile shot of the model smoking a cigarette. She is surrounded by a black and white collage of magazine clippings. Accents of red and pink from graffiti paint drips take this piece from hot to fiery.

Image #1

#8 “Trippy Skull” Art by Ali Gulec

We are fascinated with death. Questions of is there an afterlife? and what does it feel like to die? haunt us.

Skulls are symbolic of death and all of it’s complicated unknowns.

For some, a skull represents the fear of death and what happens to our souls. For others, skulls symbolize bravery and toughness in the face of death. They can even be a tribute to a love one who has passed.

Not matter your feeling about skulls, they are inherently captivating. And this black and white skull artwork is no exception.

In this skull painting, a pattern of geometric white rain drops come together on a black background to form a trippy, mesmerizing 3D skull image.

Image #1

#7 “Igor” Surreal Flower Head Art by BambashkART

You like what you like, be loud and proud about it. Who cares if you aren’t “normal.” (Is anyone “normal” anyway?)

This surreal floral head wall art features a Black man dressed in a pink linen suit. He is smoking a joint with a tiny blue bird perched on the end of it. A bouquet of colorful flowers in purple, red, and green erupts from the man’s head, covering his eyes.

Flower head artwork is deeply symbolic of the mind-body connection. The flowers blooming from the subject’s head represent how your mind opens and creativity can flourish when you are high.

Image #1

#6 “Palm Trees” Photo by Kane Andrade

Expand your wings and fly high above California’s tallest palm trees.

This palm tree photo captures an airplane speeding through clear blue skies. The unique perspective of someone laying on the ground between two rows of palm trees looking up makes this wall art intriguing.

Imagine seeing this – you are lounging on a tropical beach in a cabana. You look up and see a plane flying between the palm trees. You know the plane is bringing people back to their regular lives. But you are overjoyed because get to stay in paradise.

Does it get much better than this?

Image #1

#5 “Logo Street” Pop Art Painting by Nuwarhol

Sneaker heads, your collection isn’t complete without this colorful Nike sneaker painting.

One of the most iconic pair of Air Jordan’s – red and white with a black Nike Swoosh – is painted on a man wearing green and black checkered pants. There is a distinctive and memorable contrast between the red sneakers and green pants.

Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest paintings for Sneaker heads and skaters.

Image #1

#4 “Roses Bloomed Every Time I Thought Of You” Surreal Art by Frank Moth

46% of the time you are awake, your mind wanders.

And when your mind drifts to someone you love, well…roses bloom.

This flower head wall art is a poetic, artistic depiction of peaking inside your head while you think about someone you love.

The subject is dressed in a loose-fitting button down t-shirt. Your focus immediately goes to the massive bouquet of tropical flowers and roses in bright pink, red, and blue covering their head. These colorful florals pop against the black background.

Image #1

#3 “You Loved Me A Thousand Summers Ago” Colorful Surreal Wall Art by Frank Moth

What’s more vivid than the memory of your first summer love?

You can’t help but smile when you recall those sunset walks on the beach and secretive kisses beneath the bleachers.

This flower head features a Black woman wearing a white, green, and orange floral patterned spaghetti strap sundress. Her head and face are covered with a massive arrangement of sunflowers and yellow roses.

The colors are warm and bright, symbolizing the fondness of remembering young summer love.

Image #1

#2 “Are You Lost?” by Davansh Atry

Do you know where you are going?

This surreal neon wall art poses a tough philosophical question. Today, most of us wonder, what is my purpose? This digital artwork captures exactly how dark and lonely it feels when you lack a clear direction for your life.

In this surreal artwork an astronaut stands alone in a deserted city street. The phrase “Are You Lost?” in neon pink creates a bright contrast to the darkness of the art.

This wall art captures attention and provokes deep thought.

Image #1

#1 “A Moment Made Of Glass” by Jamison Gish

Your world, on fire.

A wildfire inspired this colorful abstract wall art. Every tree, animal, and home was demolished. An orangish-red glow dominated the sky at all times. The smell of smoke permeated everything.

Digital abstract artist Jamison Gish was devastated by the tragedy of the loss and ruin. Simultaneously, he was in awe of the beautiful, unique glow of the fire’s haze in the sky.

This intensely emotional piece is full of conflicting tragedy and awe.

Featuring bright colors, this digital abstract wall art looks like the sky has come alive and is dancing. But, there is a dark and ominous haze creeping in.

Image #1

Did you find wall art that you love in our list of top trending wall art from 2023

If you did, great! You deserve wall art that makes you think, dang, this art is so cool. I love how it enhances the energy of my space. 

If not, that’s okay too.  

Keep looking through our unique artist collections to find extraordinary wall décor that will fill the empty wall in your living room. 

Our #1 priority is for you to find wall art you love that makes your space uniquely you.

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