To get the most enjoyment from your living space – inside and out – consider a few minor upgrades. Whether it’s new lighting, a larger television, recovered chair, or outdoor seating area and fire pit, you might be surprised how much difference a small change can make. The item that can make the biggest impact and most significantly affect the enjoyment and functionality of all areas of your home is lighting.


One easy way to create your ideal ambience is to install dimmers and connect light fixtures to a smart switch to make it easy to set the perfect scenes. Also consider hanging one or several eye-catching pendants over an unexpected space. No longer are pendants just for kitchen counters. Any area in which you want to focus attention or add illumination is a good place for pendants, even an appropriately sized chandelier. A Burgess Lighting professional can help you select the right size and style fixture.


Outside lighting is also important for optimal enjoyment and safety. As the sun starts to set, the lighting in your outdoor entertaining area will make or break the evening. Sconces flanking a doorway, a chandelier hanging from a pergola or covered area, pendants over an outdoor grill, a wet-rated fan above a dining table, accent lights highlighting trees, and path lights along a walkway, all help create a perfect patio party.