Creators We Love Ed. 13: Meet Limited Edition iCanvas Artists

From El Rokk’s digitally tattooed characters to Gülce Baycık’s peculiar pop culture to LeAnna Wurzer’s risqué oil paintings, this week we’re introducing you to three more Limited Edition creators we love. Featuring Cinderella, Bart Simpson, and Gamora, these artists offer a variety of ways to elevate your space.

Keep scrolling to find an artist that catches your eye. And if you see a Limited Edition print you love, order today! It’ll arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity, including your print’s edition number and the artist’s signature.

El Rokk

Residing in Malaysia, El Rokk creates digital art of superheroes, video game characters, and other famous people with tattoos. Featuring risqué spins and sometimes scenes of the subjects smoking blunts, their pop culture creations give off bold and unexpected takes on faces we all know and love.

Ranging from cartoon icons to legendary human beings, each figure is strongly outlined against their background. From a Spiderman rocking on the guitar to Wonder Woman with a beer to Albert Einstein getting high, their prints are full of details that make you look twice. Making their artwork an interesting way to create a striking atmosphere with punk vibes.

“Bender Bearded”

Gülce Baycık

Residing in Istanbul, Turkey, Gülce Baycık creates digital art of TV and movie characters, musicians, and other famous faces with eerie or unusual spins. While many of the themes within her art are inspired by her love for animals, she also forms her cute pop culture creations with a mindset based on her life motto, “Stay Weird”.

A mix of creepy and a bit humorous, she incorporates bulging, shiny eyes into many of her pieces, along with funny faces. From R2D2 and Chewie as babies to a holistic Chihuahua to a dramatic Jon Snow portrait, we think her artwork can be a great way to create a peculiar atmosphere with a touch of darkness.

“The Simpsons vs Shaun Of The Dead – Bart Vs Ed”