autumn pillow covers

Fall is right around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the pumpkins, cozy pillows, and blankets and decorate with that fall foliage color palette we all love so much! The secret to adding fall flair to your home without going overboard is using the neutral, earth-tone colors that are associated with autumn. 

After all, fall seasonal colors are some of the most beautiful hues we see in nature. Muted shades of yellow, brown, orange, and red are classic autumn colors (maybe even a pop of blue for a depth of earthy hues!). These shades make for beautiful fall color combinations

When fall finally arrives after a long, hot summer, the first step in revamping your decor for a new season is to add festive fall pillows to your living room or bedroom. Swap out the summer themes and tap in the autumn pillow covers! Decorative throw pillows are such an easy way to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank or revamping your entire design. Conveniently refresh your home’s energy by adding a few autumn throw pillow covers to your space, something as simple as this can completely change a room’s look and feel.

Get ready for fall with these designer tips.

Use Autumn Colors

Hands holding rustic throw pillows

Muted, understated fall decor, like autumn pillow covers, match the colors of the season without looking like they are fall-specific decor. Natural decor like this transitions easily into every other season and can be paired with just about anything. The decorating possibilities are endless when your base colors are neutrals. 

Fall colors are inspired by the changing seasons, when nature transitions from plush and green to warm, earth tones and falling leaves. Yellows, reds, browns, and oranges are the staple colors of the season. Neutral colors are shades of beige, ivory, and tan — all of which pair beautifully with autumn colors. Start decorating by choosing your color scheme for your autumn pillow covers. Choose two or three colors as your baseline and build your aesthetic around them. Normally you’d use one vibrant color and an assortment of neutrals. 

Since autumn colors aren’t really vibrant, it means you can use more than one fall color as your “main” color. You can incorporate red and orange into your color scheme without it looking overwhelming.

How Does a Pillow Size Impact Aesthetic?

Oversized pillows make you want to get comfy. They exude a cozy, under the blankets on a crisp night vibe. Conversely, small pillows can look more decorative and less functional. Pillows that are too large can engulf the overall style of the room; too small, and they can look misplaced. The point is, size matters! Your pillows should complement your space. The size of the room or sofa you’re decorating will help you determine what size autumn pillow covers to get. Once you have a rough idea of your space, you can mix and match pillow sizes to create depth.

Autumn Textures and Patterns

autumn textures and patterns on pillows

Experimenting with textures and patterns in interior design elevates an aesthetic to a whole new level of chic but is potentially the trickiest to pull off. A designer tip is to follow the rule of three. Interior designers believe that odd numbers are best for making design work. 

Start with a patterned or textured pillow as your foundational piece. Next, include a solid-colored pillow. Be sure the solid is a color pulled from the textured/patterned pillow. Lastly, complete your autumn pillow covers formula with a geometric pattern.

Mix and Match Accent Pillows

Now that we’ve covered color, pattern, and sizes — how do we put it all together for a cohesive design? Throw pillows don’t have to match! In fact, it’s sometimes better if they don’t. Variety is the spice of life; choosing autumn throw pillow covers of varying colors, patterns, sizes, and textures adds visual interest to a space, achieving an aesthetic you may not get otherwise. 

Strategic combinations will help your space to look more like a designer arranged it and less like a furniture showroom. Your autumn custom pillow covers combinations can be as unique as you want. Choose as many or as few pillows as you’d like, mismatch your textures, and opt for eye-catching patterns. Remember to be mindful of space and the rule of three!autumn throw pillow covers

Autumn is full of beauty, punctuated by brilliant, natural hues. Bring the outdoors in. Take advantage of the gorgeous color palette of the season and incorporate it into your home decor with Christy B Home! Get creative and use autumn throw pillow covers as a way to make an inviting focal point in your space.