A bedroom is a place designed for comfort and relaxation. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular to position a desk in this room as well. Having a desk in the bedroom makes it easy to have both a workspace and a place for comfort in one room. There’s no doubt that desks can positively contribute to the overall style and aesthetic of the bedroom.

Something to consider when you’re wanting to add a desk to your bedroom is the space in your room. Adding another piece of furniture may require more thoughtful consideration for how you’ll fit all the furniture pieces neatly into the room. When it’s all said and done, you’ll likely immensely enjoy the benefits of having a desk in the bedroom. 

If positioning a desk in your bedroom is appealing to you, then you’re probably wondering how best to do so. We put together a photo list of 10 different bedrooms with desks layouts that you can employ in your home. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Desk Nook

A classic themed bedroom with a striped wall and an industrial themed double deck bed

In this room layout, the desk is tucked into a nook underneath the bedroom window. Two wardrobes separate the desk from the bunk beds. This slight bit of separation makes it easy to have one side for play and sleep and the other side for dedicated work. For a child’s room, it’s important to have two distinct areas. 

The desk has been built into the wall, giving the room a seamless look. Plenty of storage exists in the drawers under the desktop. 

2. Desk Along The Wall

A modern industrial bedroom with a gorgeous desk on the side

Positioning the desk along the wall helps create a distraction-free environment. While you’re working at the desk, you’ll be less tempted to hop into bed since it’s out of your line of vision.

Ensure that the desk you place in the room matches the overall style of the room. In this case, even the desk has an industrial aesthetic. The desk chair has a pop of yellow, which complements the other yellow features. 

3. Desk Next To The Bed

A modern bedroom with a black and white colored pillows and a desk on the side

Since the bed and desk are in such close quarters, you’ll want the two furniture pieces to complement each other in style. Two clashing pieces of furniture will look misplaced and disruptive to the room design. The painted black wall demarcates the sleeping area from the rest of the room. A clean, organized desk keeps the room looking well-organized. 

With the desk positioned next to the bed, it allows for more open floor space. Take advantage of that by laying down a cozy area rug and stylish pouf.

4. Split Room

A gorgeous bedroom with a striped colored wall and a desk on the side

Place the desk on the opposite wall of the bed. This style creates a look of an alley, opening up the middle of the room. With French doors in the room, you’ll want to be able to easily access them. Maneuverability is also essential whenever you have multiple pieces of large furniture in a room. This room layout has a low profile but high functionality. 

5. Sandwiched Furniture

A boho themed living room with a wooden cabinet and a rug on the middle

This room layout has a bed that’s sandwiched by two pieces of furniture: a desk and a low-sitting table. Both pieces of furniture require chairs, so the bed fits nicely right between them, creating symmetry in the room layout. The blue shag area rug helps tie the whole area together without overwhelming the space. 

Natural Wood Desk

6. Matching Furniture

An industrial themed bedroom with an industrial themed desk with a floral designed wall

Matching furniture helps the desk blend into the room design. You can barely tell the desk is there since it shares the same style as the various bookshelves located around the room. Since the desk is low profile, other design aspects of the room can stand out. Even the pink desk chair complements the other soft pink decor pieces.