Attic conversions can be a puzzle, but if you have your roof extension pegged for an attic bedroom, here are some decorating ideas to get your interiors project underway

Looking for attic bedroom ideas and loft bedroom decorating tips? Attic bedrooms are the ideal way to create more room (we’re talking actual extra rooms) in a family home at a time when space is at a premium in the modern home. While building upwards, extending or converting dead space is a great solution, it does result in rooms with angled or pitched ceilings, which can pose an interesting design puzzle.

Whether you live in a barn conversion with original ceiling beams arcing up into a vaulted roof, or a modern home with skylights and a low-pitched roof, there are plenty of ways to maximise space – and individual style – in your attic or loft bedroom.

To help you visualise your new sleep space, guest bedroom or children’s room, we’ve compiled a series of attic bedroom ideas of all shapes, sizes and styles. Before you get started, check out these brilliant attic bedroom ideas.

Attic bedroom ideas

1. Make a style statement

Attic bedroom with black feature wall

One of the best features of attic bedrooms is the abundance of natural light that you can utilise. When you can flood the room with light it allows your decorating choices to be bold. This attic bedroom has embraced an on-trend black feature wall, which thanks to the light quality dazzles rather than dulls the space.

2. Look to the light

white attic bedroom

Often loft bedrooms are lacking in natural light, so consider where the opportunities are to let the light in. Skylights are invaluable because no amount of placement lighting can compensate the effect of natural light on our body clocks. Here, a small skylight is placed directly above the bed allowing light to play a role in your morning routine.

3. Utilise space with bespoke storage

loft wardrobes with sliding mirror doors

Rather than buy bulky furniture for storage, use the awkward space to its potential. ‘Loft wardrobes work best when they are made-to-measure and fitted with storage kits that meet your every requirement,’ advises Andy Briggs, resident interior designer for Spaceslide. ‘Whether that be a place to store extra clothing, or shelving to house your less frequently used items from around the home. Sliding wardrobe doors can be cleverly installed to run alongside the sloped ceiling so that they utilise the floor-to-ceiling space. Sliding doors are custom-made to be the perfect fit for your loft wardrobe. Plus, they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes so you can achieve a sleek and stylish design.’ Mirrored doors will help to enhance the light quality of the room, while creating a sense of extra space.

4. Work with the shadows when choosing shades

grey attic bedroom

Rather than fight against the predicament of shadows caused by side lighting onto awkward walls, work with the darkness! Overhead skylights can, in some layouts, restrict the amount of light and cast shadows on far-reaching walls. Choose a slighter darker shade of neutral to make the shadows less harsh, than they would be if the shade was lighter. To balance the light when using darker wall shades it’s best to keep the flooring light.

5. Have fun with a feature wall

attic bedroom ideas

Fake it! A great way to make an impact is with trompe l’oeil wallpaper. While your book collection may have been whittled down in favour of e-books in recent years, with a gorgeous bookcase-print wallpaper, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the traditional look of books in alcoves. A characterful wallpaper helps create the illusion of vast shelving – without having to encroach on the limited space on offer in an attic bedroom.

6. Factor in a hidden en suite

attic bedroom ideas

If you’re converting the entire loft space you will have plenty of room to factor in a smart en suite bathroom. You’ll need a plumber to ensure you’re space can accommodate the plumbing, but once confirmed you can create a dream master suite in the roof. This sleek Scandi-style attic bedroom ingeniously uses built-in wardrobes to conceal the bathroom, meaning it still feels like one space, it doesn’t feel fragmented into divide spaces.

The sense of airiness is enhanced by the built-in units, bed and storage, all of which match the pale wood floor. Add luxurious but simplistic textiles and pops of colour and this attic room achieves a sleek Scandi look.

7. Make it your own with eaves storage

attic storage

‘You may think that the areas under the sloping eaves are awkward and a waste of space, but with careful planning and some ingenuity, the space can open up a realm of possibilities’ says Andy Briggs.  ‘The key here is to go bespoke. Your loft is a unique space, so ordinary furniture won’t do the trick. Loft wardrobes should be designed to seamlessly fit into the contours of the room, filling every available space.’

8. Welcome elements of nature

attic bedroom ideas

The combination of skylights – on both sides of a pitched ceiling – and floor-to-ceiling wood panelled cupboards gives this attic bedroom the feel of a grown-up treehouse! Failing that, the open space with its glass stair panels and natural materials (chunky wool as well as the bleached wood) has a really tranquil Scandi finish. A place to daydream up in the clouds.

9. Create character with wall panelling

attic bedroom ideas

From the floor-to-ceiling weatherboard to the painted floorboards every surface offers interest and depth to the scheme. Keeping the main colour as white prevents the look from feeling overwhelming. New England beach house style comes into its own in this charming attic bedroom. The white scheme offers all-out relaxed beach house vibes while nautical stripes and mismatched patchwork textiles in a fresh apple green bring character and cheer to the attic space.

10. Embrace exposed brickwork


Retain original character by leaving the bricks exposed. Leave one wall unpainted and expose the brickwork to make a stylish feature that looks especially cool in an industrial-style loft bedroom. If your bricks aren’t in good condition, they can be repointed to restore them to full glory. Alternatively there are lots of wallpapers around that will help you create the same look, without the labour or the mess involved.